With the ever-growing trend of fully customized PCs comes a demand for custom mechanical keyboards, keycaps, and switches. A perfectly themed keyboard is often the cherry on top for a custom PC setup, and it appears that options for these are getting more and more creative.

Meet Elyxirine, a Valorant and Overwatch streamer who’s become a keyboard influencer.

Elyxirine’s keyboard obsessions began innocently enough, as she was transitioning her setup from a black theme to a pink one a couple of years ago. Like many, she didn’t stop there and dove into the deep and colorful world of mechanical keyboards.

Keyboard modding can be an addicting and expensive hobby, because there’s no limit to keyboard customization. Elyxirine says that her most expensive keyboard is also her favorite one, the IDOBAO ID80 v2 Pink, which she built and modded herself.

Credit: Elyxirine

Customization includes the keycaps and switches as well. Keycaps can often be very detailed and artisanal, with sellers and crafters shaping everything from superheroes to your favorite food on a single keycap.

Elyxirine’s favorite keycap is a yummy cheeseburger from Dwarf Factory. “I admire how creatively the keycap was designed, and the details astound me!”

Her most expensive keycap? So far, it’s the GMK Rama x Darling “X”, which retails for about US$40 – 60 apiece.

Credit: Elyxirine

And as for switches, switch selection is usually more of a tactile choice. Elyxirine shares that she takes into account how the switches feel, whether they’re heavy, smooth, clicky, or light.

Her favorite switch? “The Gateron Keyfirst Cream. It’s silky smooth, has a very light bump feel, and it sounds just perfectly with every key I type with.”

Elyxirine, like many collectors, isn’t stopping here, of course, with many new designs to look forward to.

“Collecting keycaps is like collecting small pieces of art from many keycap artists. Designs are constantly evolving considering that people are always looking forward to creative innovations.

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