Ever wondered which breakfast cereal mascot would rule the roost given the chance to fight for breakfast cereal mascot supremacy? Well, wonder no more.

Cereal Killaz is an indie 2-D fighting game inspired by the colorful characters emblazoned on the world’s best known cereal boxes. The fledgling fighting game project is currently crowdfunding on Indiegogo — and is actually off to a decent start. The campaign has already raised nearly US$18,000 of its US$50,000 target with 25 days still to go.

A quick look at the early game design will evoke fond memories of timeless FGC favorites like Marvel vs. Capcom… as well as a heaping bowl of the most important meal of the day. Due to licensing challenges, the game uses “thinly-veiled,” anime-style parody characters like Terror T (in place of Frosted Flakes’ Tony the Tiger), McLucky (Lucky Charms’ Lucky the Leprechaun), Toucan Slam (Froot Loops’ Toucan Sam), and Commandant Crush (Cap’n Crunch’s Captain Horatio Magellan Crunch), just to name a few.

Credit: Mikhail “Mythallica” Sebastian and team

Cereal Killaz’s characters are more than just clever(?) takes on familiar mascot names, however. The creative team behind the game is putting in the work to flesh out detailed backstories for each fighter. 

Terror T, for instance, is a Vietnam War veteran who transformed into his beast-like after being “revived using the DNA of a Sumatran tiger.” McLucky, meanwhile, is an outcast among Ireland’s fairy folk, and is using his mystical abilities to capture enough souls to regain his power and return to his otherworldly home realm.

The developers are teasing the addition female main characters in the future, as well. Instead of just being gender-swapped skins for the male fighters, they will be unique, fully developed characters with their own stories and play styles.

And behind these characters’ individual quests and motivations is a nefarious presence named Dr. K — full name: Dr. Kale L. Ogz (no, seriously) — who’s due for a huge reckoning for his decades-long “tinkering with human and animal DNA in his secret laboratory.”

In terms of gameplay, Cereal Killaz will feature a four-button system which includes Light, Medium, and Heavy Attacks alongside a unique “Skill.” The 1v1 fighting style promises chain combos both on the ground and in mid-air.

The demo, for which the Indiegogo campaign is being made, will be limited to localized 1v1 play. The developers however already have plans to incorporate online play if the game gets enough support for a full release. Here’s hoping they manage to get there without getting slapped with cease and desist letters from our favorite breakfast brands.

Get a spoonful of Cereal Killaz from this official campaign promotion:

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