The Star Wars Outlaws pre-order is your chance to jump early into the galaxy far, far away, offering an exclusive sneak peek into the first-ever open-world experience within the Star Wars universe.

Developed by Ubisoft in collaboration with Lucasfilm Games, Star Wars Outlaws invites players to explore the vastness of space and the depth of the galaxy’s underworld through the eyes of Kay Vess and her loyal companion, Nix.

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Amidst an era where the Empire’s dominion is weakened by persistent rebellion efforts, the criminal underworld blossoms into a golden age—a perfect playground for players seeking thrills and freedom.

Star Wars Outlaws new locations, Kijmi
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Kay, with her reputation as a skilled thief, grabs the unwanted attention of Sliro, the leader of the menacing Zerek Besh syndicate.

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With a bounty over her head, she, alongside Nix, sees no other path to freedom but to orchestrate one of the most ambitious heists across the galaxy.

Star Wars Outlaws release date

Star Wars Outlaws Space Nebula
Credit: Ubisoft

Ubisoft has officially set the Star Wars Outlaws release date for August 30, 2024.

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This announcement marks a historic moment for Star Wars enthusiasts and open-world gaming fans alike, as Star Wars Outlaws will be the franchise’s inaugural exploration into the open-world genre.

Star Wars Outlaws pre-order and bonuses

Star Wars Outlaws new location, Toshara
Credit: Ubisoft

You can take advantage of the Star Wars Outlaws pre-order to get exclusive early access up to three days before the official launch, depending on your edition choice.

Additionally, fans who secure their pre-order before August 30 will be rewarded with the Kessel Runner Bonus Pack, featuring unique cosmetics for Kay’s speeder and the Trailblazer, ensuring you traverse the galaxy in style.

Credit: Ubisoft/PlayStation
PRE-ORDER NOW: Star Wars Outlaws – Limited Edition, PlayStation 5

In the Ultimate Edition, you’ll get additional bonuses like the Rogue Infiltrator Bundle and the Sabacc Shark Bundle.

Standard EditionBase game
Gold EditionKessel Runner Bonus Pack
3 days Early Access
Season Pass
Ultimate EditionKessel Runner Bonus Pack
3 days Early Access
Season Pass
Rogue Infiltrator Bundle
Sabacc Shark bundle
Digital Artbook
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You’ll also receive a Digital Artbook where you can view a selection of the game’s concept art and visuals
and unique cinematic storyboards.

Pre-order now to guarantee your place among the stars and live out your dreams in the first open-world Star Wars game.

You can go to Ubisoft website for more information about Star Wars Outlaws.

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