After Mixer shut down in June, Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek reportedly recieved a US$10 million buyout for the remainder of his contract.

Since then Shroud has been quiet and has taken some time away from streaming, but with his recent return to Twitch we now what he was up to.

During the seven-hour stream, the world-renowned gamer updated his massive fanbase about his time away from streaming, why he returned to Twitch and teased his future plans with the platform.

Shroud kicked off his return stream by playing Valorant. And, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the man still has amazing FPS reactions and is still considered a human aim-bot machine.

Shroud also shot down the rumors about him going pro in Valorant, which gained momentum while he was on his break. When asked by his team if he would consider going pro in Valorant, Shroud replied: “No. I don’t care to train, and I don’t care to practice. I just want to play.” 

With the Mixer platform now gone, Shroud was given a much-needed break from gaming. Since the beginning of his pro career, Shroud revealed that his 40 day break was the longest time he’s been away from gaming in his eight-year career.

But Shroud has put his Mixer money to good use during his break. Last April, the Mixer star revealed that he rented out a private jet just so that he could make it in time for his World of Warcraft raid.

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Fast forward to his return to Twitch, Shroud casually pointed out that buying private islands “aren’t really that expensive.”

Shroud then revealed to his stream why he decided to return to Twitch. “Well obviously, Twitch is the best. Born and raised on this platform. And it’s just the biggest [platform] and it’s all about gaming.” Shroud also teased that he has big plans with Twitch and emphasized that it will be about gaming.

Shroud’s Twitch metrics did show that his return to the platform was epic. But, the content he is able to provide to the fans is unique and we only expect things to get better now that he’s back to his preferred streaming platform.

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