With the spooky season upon us, Pokemon Unite players can claim Greedent’s Unite License for free until the end of the Halloween Festival.

So long as you don’t go on a crazy spending spree, Greedent’s License is relatively easy to get with Pokemon Unite’s latest limited-time seasonal event. No Aeos Coins required!

Pokemon Unite greedent
Credit: Nintendo

How to get Greedent for free?

From October 20 until November 7, players can claim Greedent for free by trading in 70 Halloween exclusive pumpkins. This limited-time exchange can be found in the events tab.

What are pumpkins?

Pumpkins are a special Halloween exclusive item that can be traded in for various items.

This exclusive item can only be obtained through the special Halloween events and cannot be bought in the shop with coins, gems, or tickets.

Where to get them?

The only way to earn Pumpkins in Pokemon Unite is by completing the limited-time events, special daily missions or opening up special boxes.

Login everyday to claim free pumpkins

Players who login everyday can effortlessly earn a total of 57 over a two week period.

Complete special Halloween daily missions

Everyday, players will be assigned some special quests that will reward them with pumpkins or a box.

Opening the box will reward you anywhere from a single pumpkin up until fifty depending on how lucky you are.

Complete the ‘Halloween in Mer Stadium’ quests

This special event can net players a total of 39 pumpkins and four boxes to open.

Theoretically you can earn up to 239 this way alone, but only if you’re the luckiest person in the universe. A more realistic number would be about 45.

Why you shouldn’t trade-in for boxes

As tempting as it may be, boxes in most cases will end up in a loss due to the really, really bad drop rates.

The drop rates are as followed:

  • 1 – 63.27%
  • 2 – 31.64%
  • 5 – 3.16%
  • 10 – 1.58%
  • 20 – 0.32%
  • 50 – 0.03%

If you really want to get Greedent for free, do NOT fall for these tempting little trap boxes. You’ll soon regret it.

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