If you’re jumping onto the Pokemon Unite hype train like, then you’ve probably read or heard someone use a word or term you’ve never heard before.

Here is a list of all the terminology you need to know so that you can better understand what your teammates are saying.

A glance at words and terms used in Pokemon Unite

AFKAway from keyboard
AOEArea of effect
AttackerPokemon class
BackdoorScoring points without being noticed
Battle ItemItems with active skills
BeesVespiquen and Combee spawns
BoufflantWild Bull Pokemon
Buff/DebuffLingering positive/negative effects
BurstHigh damage output
CheeseCheap tactic
CooldownA move’s recharge time
CCCrowd control
DefenderPokemon class
DrednawWild giant turtle Pokemon
FarmingEarning experience and/or points
FeedNeedlessly dying back-to-back
GankFlanking for knock out
HarassDoing damage to push away from something
Held ItemItems with passive effects
JungleCentral Area
KiteAttack moving
KOKnock out
LanePath from either base
LudicoloWild piñata Pokemon
ObjectiveWin conditions
PushRushing a goal
RoamMoving around the map looking for knock outs
RotomWild electricity Pokemon
SnipeHigh damage onto single Pokemon
SpeedsterPokemon class
SquishyLow health and defence
SupporterPokemon class
TankHigh health and defence
Ultimate/UltiUnite Move
ZapdosWild lightning bird Pokemon

Every word and term explained in Pokemon Unite


  • Short for away-from-keyboard, describes someone who is idling in game.
Pokemon Unite, all-rounder, charizard, lucario, machamp, garchomp
Credit: Nintendo


  • A class of Pokemon that can fill multiple roles due to their versatile movesets and balanced stats.


  • Short for area-of-effect, describes skills or moves that hit multiple targets.
Pokemon Unite, Attacker, Cramorant, Cinderace, Venusaur, Greninja
Credit: Nintendo


  • A class of Pokemon who specialize in ranged offense.


  • Generally used to describe a player being able to score a goal without being detected.

Battle Item

  • An equipable item that gives its holder an extra active skill to use.
  • X Attack is a battle item that boosts the user’s Attack for a short time when activated.


  • A quick way to mention the Vespiquen and Combee swarm.


  • A bull Pokemon with an afro that spawn in front of both team’s bases.


  • Buff – Describes any positive lingering effects like an attack boost.
  • Debuff – Describes any negative lingering effects like defence reduction.


  • A large sudden output of damage.


  • A cheap tactic meant to catch people off guard.


  • The recharge time after a move has been used.


  • Short for crowd control, used to describe stuns and slows.
Pokemon Unite, defender, crustle, slowbro, blastoise, snorlax
Credit: Nintendo


  • A class of Pokemon with naturally high health and defensive stats whose job is to take damage for the team and disrupt the enemy.
Pokemon Unite, Drednaw
Credit: Nintendo


  • A giant turtle Pokemon that spawns at the bottom of Pokemon Unite’s Remoat map.


  • When a player focuses on knocking out wild Pokemon for experience, points, or both.


  • When a player is knocked out repeatedly in a short period of time.


  • Describes when a player attempts to knock the opponent out by flanking from behind.


  • Dishing out damage with the intent of pushing the opponent away from something.

Held Item

  • An equipable item that provides passive bonuses to the user in the form of stats and effects.
  • Choice Specs is a held item that gives a small Sp.Atk boost and increases the power of moves when they hit enemy Pokemon.


  • An alternative name for the central area in Pokemon Unite.


  • A tactic used by ranged Pokemon where they attack while moving to avoid taking damage from melee Pokemon.


  • Short for knock out.


  • Used to describe one of the two paths that lead from one side of the map to the other.


  • A duck-like piñata Pokemon that spawn in front of both team’s bases


  • A word used to describe things or actions that can lead to victory.
  • Goals, Zapdos, Drednaw, and Rotom are all considered objectives.


  • When a team or player rushes down a lane to take out a goal.


  • Moving around the map with the intent of knocking out a Pokemon.
Pokemon Unite, rotom
Credit Nintendo


  • A Pokemon that symbolized electricity which spawns at the top of the Pokemon Unite Remoat map.


  • A large sudden output of damage focused at one target.
Pokemon Unite, Speedster, gengar, talonflame,absol,zeraora
Credit: Nintendo


A class of Pokemon that specialize in offense and agility who can quickly move around the map to score points or knock outs.


  • Used to describe Pokemon with naturally low health and defence stats.
Pokemon Unite, supporter, mr.mime, eldegoss, wigglytuff, blissey
Credit: Nintendo


  • A class of Pokemon who specialize in supporting their allies with moves that can heal, provide shields, and hinder enemy Pokemon with debuffs and slows.


  • A word used to describe Pokemon with naturally high health and defence stats.


  • Another term for Unite Move.
Pokemon Unite, Zapdos
Credit: Nintendo


  • A legendary lightning bird Pokemon that spawns in the middle of Pokemon Unite’s Remoat map.

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