Are you searching for a new audio experience that liberates you from the constraints of wired headsets or Bluetooth earphones? Enter the Panasonic SoundSlayer, a revolutionary wireless wearable speaker.

As highlighted in a special livestream by NIJISANJI EN vtuber Luca Kaneshiro, Elira Pendora, and Finana Ryugu, the SoundSlayer is a stellar enhancement to any gamer’s setup.

ONE Esports’ focus will be on the SC-GNW10 model, one of the two available SoundSlayer models in the market.

The Panasonic SoundSlayer wearable speaker is designed with gamers in mind

Nijisanji EN vtubers Luca Kaneshiro, Elira Pendora, and Finana Ryugu team up for Panasonic's SoundSlayer Wireless Wearable Gaming Speaker System GNW10
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The speaker system comes in two boxes: one large box housing the speaker unit and a smaller box containing two USB A to USB C cables and a transmitter device.

Measuring 256 x 56 x 221 mm, the GNW10 speaker unit stands out in size compared to typical gaming headsets, presenting a unique approach as it is worn around your neck.

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Despite its weight of 403 grams, slightly heavier than traditional gaming headsets, this wearable speaker prioritizes comfort for extended use. Engineered for a snug fit with optimal speaker placement, it ensures hours of comfortable wear during long gaming sessions. The best part? It won’t mess up your hairstyle or leave any unwanted “gamer dents”.

Moving beyond aesthetics, these wearable speakers shine in functionality. Featuring four strategically positioned 38mm speakers on both the front and back, they deliver an immersive surround sound experience for users.

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The device offers a total of six sound modes, catering to various video game genres and functions. These include three game modes — RPG, Voice (ideal for adventure games), and FPS — as well as three other modes: Cinema, Music, and Stereo, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of audio needs.

Panasonic SoundSlayer Wireless Wearable Speaker System for Gaming, Movies and Music, Lightweight Neck Speaker with Built-in Microphone and Immersive, Dimensional Sound - SC-GNW10 (Black)
Credit: Panasonic

These speakers go beyond mere audio output — they serve as a crucial communication tool for your online multiplayer gaming experience. Equipped with a dual microphone featuring noise and echo-canceling capabilities, you’re guaranteed crisp and crystal-clear audio. The addition of an AI voice control system enhances microphone performance significantly, surpassing its predecessor, the SC-GN01.

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Operated by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, these wireless speakers boast an impressive nine hours of usage on a full charge. A four-hour charging time is required to replenish the batteries before the speakers are ready for use again.

In terms of compatibility, the SoundSlayer seamlessly pairs with a variety of platforms, including PC (Windows 10/11), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch (TV mode).

Panasonic SoundSlayer Wireless Wearable Speaker System for Gaming, Movies and Music, Lightweight Neck Speaker with Built-in Microphone and Immersive, Dimensional Sound - SC-GNW10 (Black)
Credit: Panasonic

Overall, the SoundSlayer is a comprehensive solution to headset-related issues, addressing common discomforts without compromising on audio and microphone excellence. Say goodbye to sweaty and itchy ears, as well as messy hairstyles — these speakers prioritize ergonomics. Designed to allow you to hear ambient sounds while remaining connected to virtual activities, the SoundSlayer offers a comfortable and immersive audio experience without any drawbacks.

You can buy the SoundSlayer wearable speaker GNW10 on Panasonic’s website or on Amazon.

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