The Black Marketeer stands out as one of the most resourceful non-player characters (NPCs) in Palworld.

The formidable and imposing Palworld Black Marketeer location is a challenging one to find on the map, however. Yet, if you’re looking to engage in the trade of illicit Pals, his assistance is likely indispensable. This guide will provide the location of the coveted NPC on the map.

The Palworld Black Marketeer location explained

The Palworld Black Marketeer location item list
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There are many areas which give you a better chance of finding the Black Marketeer in Palworld. Here are the locations:

  • Abandoned Mine at Windswept Hills ( 35, -418): This is by far the most common location to find the Black Marketeer. After reaching the Desolate Church’s fast travel statue, go down the cliff. You will find grass and rocks near you. Keep heading to the northern direction until you find a huge rock hanging. The Abandoned Mine will be beneath the rock. You will find the Black Marketeer in the mine.
  • Duneshelter (350, 367): Visit the Duneshelter fast travel statue and proceed north of the sizable structure. There, you’ll encounter the Black Marketeer, positioned and gazing towards the cliff’s edge.
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  • Fort Ruins(142, -360): Navigate to the hillside near Fort Ruins by using the fast travel statue. Descend the stairs and proceed westward. Cross the expansive wooden bridge spanning the river and turn right along the water. As the stone on your left transitions to shorter mossy cliffs, ascend the slope. Continue past the dungeon cavern on your right, and you’ll discover the Black Marketeer location with him standing on a verdant hillside.
  • Beach of Everlasting Summer (-795, -630): Head to the Beach of Everlasting Summer fast travel statue and proceed south until you can descend onto the beach. There, you’ll find the Black Marketeer standing next to a large rock, facing away from the ocean.
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  • Secret Mineshaft (494, 343): Keeping Duneshelter fast travel as a reference point, sprint towards the east across the desert and enter the canyon formed by the imposing cliffs. At the fork, turn right, and you’ll come across the mine adorned with torches along the eastern cliff face. Navigate through the mine, and you’ll encounter the Black Marketeer stationed inside.

Every Black Marketeer you come across offers distinct sets of items or Pals. It’s advisable to explore each one to determine if any trades could be advantageous for you. These Marketeers update their inventories daily, providing an opportunity for you to check for new offerings regularly.

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