The new mobile turn-based role playing game “Outerplane” developed by VA Games and serviced by Smilegate will be released in late May 2023.

You play the part of a protagonist who was originally from Earth before getting summoned into a fantasy world with your party.

According to the official website, the fantasy world contains three areas for a start, called White Falcon, Outer City, and Nightwatch.

Using your characters, you’ll be able to use skill bursts, combos, and more strategic combat in this exciting anime-style action game.

Outerplane characters

  • K
  • Stella
  • Eva
  • Lisha
  • Snow


K from Outerplane, first introduction
Credit: Smilegate

Listed as a fire/defender type, K was a skilled hunter who fought mysterious monsters called Irregulars back on Earth. During battle, a fellow comrade betrayed him, and he almost died.

Seconds before death, he was summoned to the fantasy world called Mirsha by Stella.


Mirsha from Outerplane official key announcement art
Credit: Smilegate

Stella is the royal princess of White Falcon and first in line to the throne. Since the king has fallen ill, she’s been governing the kingdom with grace and a kind heart, and is therefore deeply admired by the people.

However, the kingdom still experiences war, fighting against enemies called fiends. In an attempt to solve the problem, she summons a hero from Earth.


A light/healer, K first meets Eva in a dungeon. She’s an automaton who takes on the appearance of a human whose sole purpose “is to serve her master”, K. She believes that if she continues to do so, perhaps one day she too can become human.


Lisha is a young fire mage who attends the Magnolia Magic Academy. Her black cat is called Proxxon, who is actually a fiend in disguise. She first meets K in the Outer City, which alters the course of her journey.


Snow is next in line to be the chieftain of the frost elves, a mysterious race that has built their homes in the frigid northern territories. A water/ranger type with a carefree personality, Snow prefers to live her life as an adventurer instead of training to be a chieftain.

How to pre-register for Outerplane

Click here to pre-register for Outerplane to receive in-game currency and items worth USD$30.

In January 2023, Smilegate conducted a closed beta test (CBT) in some Southeast Asian countries and plan to release the game first in Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

Official teaser

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