In this week’s ICYMI:

  • Kuroky goes 15/4/10 in 21 minutes on Support Clinkz
  • PSG.LGD sweep Vici Gaming
  • Atlas is MLBB’s newest hero
  • And Fahkumram joins the cast of Tekken 7

Credit: Nigma Esports

Kuroky goes 15/4/10 in 21 minutes on Support Clinkz

Team Nigma captain, Kuro “Kuroky” Takhasomi, played an unusual Support Clinkz in his team’s matchup against Team Liquid in the Final of the WeSave! Charity Play Europe tournament.

Kuroky played Clinkz in every game of the series, but it was in game four where he really shined.

Kuroky played ultra-aggressively in the laning phase, constantly scouting for pickoff opportunities and notched five kills before the 10-minute mark.

By the 20-minute mark, Nigma already had 30 kills and a 9,000 gold advantage, and just a minute later it was all over as they steamrolled Liquid’s base to end the series 3-1.

Kuroky finished with a game-high 15 kills and added 10 assists against just 4 deaths. This is a new record for the most kills by a support player in any pro Dota 2 match under 25 minutes.

Credit: Valve

PSG.LGD sweep Vici Gaming

PSG.LGD squashed Vici Gaming 3-0 in the Final of the WeSave! Charity Play China tournament.

After two emphatic wins against VG, PSG.LGD finished ended the series with an interesting middle lane Earth Spirit pick for Lu “Somnus丶M” Yao.

The risky pick paid off however, as Somnus丶M took control of the final game with perfect Rolling Boulder initiations, followed by Geomagnetic Grips that rendered VG’s heroes helpless.

After a disastrous start to the DPC season, where they failed to qualify for both the Leipzig Major and the LA Major, this win will be a much-needed morale boost for PSG.LGD.

Atlas is MLBB’s newest hero

Atlas, the Ocean Gladiator is the latest addition to MLBB’s tank line up.

Hailing from the Abysmal Sea, Atlas is one of the oldest living creatures in the Land of Dawn. After finding an old Mecha Sentry on the seabed, Atlas empowered it to escape the sea and fight on the land.

He is able to eject from his mecha and reattach after a short duration, bringing an interesting new mechanic to the game.

Atlas is a strong initiator, and has great crowd control and a variety of abilities that help him chase down opponents.

For more information on Atlas, check out our hero guide.

Credit: Bandai Namco

Fahkumram joins the cast of Tekken 7

After his initial reveal last year, Muay Thai fighter, Fahkumram, has finally joined the cast of Tekken 7. The character is a huge heavy-hitter with a variety of tricky striking attacks and great combo potential.

He also has excellent wall carry and looks like he will be deadly on wall stages.

EVO Japan champion, Nopparut “Book” Hempamorn, has been trying out the character and said that he will be a “headache” for pro play, as “his fast, pressuring attacks give no room for retaliation.”

“We’ll likely see a nerf to the character in the future,” concluded Book.