PSG.LGD squashed Vici Gaming in the Final of the WeSave! Charity Play China region tournament.

PSG.LGD scored three convincing wins in the best-of-five final against arguably the best Chinese Dota 2 team.

After two emphatic wins against VG, PSG.LGD finished the series with an interesting middle lane Earth Spirit pick for Lu “Somnus`M” Yao. The hero received significant buffs in the new 7.25 patch which makes him a viable playmaking core hero.

PSG.LGD also tried out an unorthodox Luna hard support hero for Yap Jian “xNova” Wei, who prioritized leveling up his Lucent Beam ability and help his deal quick bursts of damage against Vici Gaming’s core heroes.

PSG.LGD’s Earth Spirit and Lifestealer combo eventually took control of the final game by punishing VG’s aggressive plays. Somnus’ Earth Spirit landed perfect Rolling Boulder initiations, followed by a Geomagnetic Grip that silenced most of VG’s heroes.

Chalice finished the series with an Infest bomb play with Somnus that eliminated VG’s Razor and Batrider core heroes from the final team fight.

After a disastrous start to the DPC season, where they failed to qualify for both the Leipzig Major and the LA Major, this win will be a much-needed morale boost for PSG.LGD.

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