If you want to learn how to produce and farm Sugar in Enshrouded, you have come to the right place. 

For players who don’t know, Sugar is an energy-based consumable item in the game that you can consume to increase your stamina regeneration by +20. 

Maintaining your stamina plays a crucial role in gameplay, both during exploration and in combat, as almost every action consumes stamina. By using Sugar, you can recover it quicker than usual. 

If you want to know how to make the most of it, keep reading our guide as we explain how you can unlock and craft Sugar in Enshrouded. 

How to craft Sugar in Enshrouded

Enshrouded Emily Fray
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj / ONE Esports

To craft Sugar in Enshrouded, you must first unlock the Farmer NPC “Emily Fray” and then keep progressing her quest and the main story until you unlock her quest called “Almanac Of Plants And Seedlings For The Farmer.” 

The quest will lead you to the Southern Caravan Camp, where you must read the glowing note on the wooden table with the title “There’s Nothing Here” to get the next objective. This will take you to Surat’s Rest location, where you must defeat the area’s elite enemy and obtain “Matron’s Almanac.”

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Doing so will complete the quest, and you will obtain a bag-like item called Almanac of Plants and Seedlings that you can place in your camp to unlock the ability to craft Sugar and many other items via the Farmer’s crafting menu that you can access by interacting with her. 

Now, to actually craft Sugar in Enshrouded, you need two Sugar Cane as the raw material. Once you have the required Sugar Cane, you can interact with Emily and under the Energy section, you can find and craft Sugar in Enshrouded.  

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Where to find Sugar Cane in Enshrouded

Sugar Cane Location Enshrouded
Credit: Map genie

The best location to obtain Sugar Cane in Enshrouded is the main pathway north of Umber Hollow. Along the road, you will find several Sugar Cane plants. Each harvest will give you two Sugar Canes, which is required for producing one Sugar. 

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