Shadowbeak is an extremely valuable Dark type Pal in Palworld in addition to being a powerful Pal that drops rare items, making you a formidable player. You can either breed or catch one in the wild.

While finding it is a little difficult, we have come up with a guide to help you locate Shadowbeak and breed it in the game.

Shadowbeak Palworld location — find it yourself

Shadowbeak Palworld location
Credit: Ape Knight Gaming YouTube Channel

Shadowbeak is a rare find in Palworld, but your best bet is at No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary island. To get to the Shadowbeak Palworld location swiftly, teleport to the Deep Sand Dunes. From there, your options are either flying or swimming. Flying is recommended for efficiency. Head northeast until you reach the sanctuary.

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Bear in mind, Shadowbeak poses a formidable challenge. Employing Dragon type Pals can significantly tip the scales in your favor during the encounter. Once defeated, expect valuable loot such as Pal Metal Ingot, Carbon Fiber, and Innovative Technical Manuals as your rewards.

Shadowbeak breeding guide in Palworld

To breed a Shadowbeak, you’ll need to cross an Astegon with a Kitsun. Astegon can be found on No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary island, with a guaranteed spawn also available at Mt. Obsidian (-624, -429). 

Palworld Kitsun map
Credit: Ape Knight Gaming YouTube Channel

As for Kitsun, you’ll want to venture to the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance, where it emerges during the night.

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Once you’ve acquired Astegon and Kitsun of opposite genders, you’re ready to initiate the breeding process. Breeding Shadowbeak follows the same protocol as any other Pal; there are no special requirements or deviations. You can follow the breeding technique we have mentioned here.

Note that the breeding center becomes accessible once you reach level 19. When you’ve positioned the male and female Pals in the pen, the process necessitates a cake to finalize.

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After acquiring the egg, transfer it to the incubator and patiently await its hatching. Remember to provide suitable conditions for the egg’s well-being throughout the incubation period.

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