Are you trying to make Cake in Palworld but falling short on Honey? If so, this guide is for you as we talk about where you can get Honey in Palworld while talking about the best method for farming Honey in the game. 

As you may already know, Cake is one of the main items you need for breeding Pals in Palworld. Moreover, to make Cake in the game, you need ingredients like Flour, Red Berries, Milk, Egg and Honey. 

Except for Honey, you can easily acquire the other ingredients as Red Berries and Egg are easy to come by. You can obtain Milk from Mozzarina or purchase it from the Merchant NPC, and Flour can be produced using the Mill facility. So, if you are struggling to find Honey in Palworld, keep reading our guide. 

How to get and farm Honey in Palworld

Honey in Palworld farm
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj / ONE Esports

In Palworld, you can obtain Honey as a drop item from Pals like Cinnamoth, Beegarde, Elizabee and Warsect. So far, only these four Pals in the game have Honey as a potential drop. So, head to their location and start capturing or defeating them to get Honey. 

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That being said, the best way to farm Honey in Palworld would be to capture and place Beegarde inside a Rach facility that you unlock at Level 5, as they come with a Partner Skill called Worker Bee that allows them to produce Honey when placed inside a Ranch. 

Palworld Honey farm
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If you are unable to capture Beegarde, you can also farm a ton of Cinnamoth to get Honey fast in Palworld. Each mentioned Pals is easy to find, and their habitat details can be found in the Paldeck menu. 

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Where to find Cinnamoth in Palworld 

Palworld Cinnamoth location
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You can find Cinnamoth in Cinnamoth Forest, located northwest of the Plateau of Beginnings, in Lake Center and Hypocrite Hill. While there are a few other locations to find, the mentioned areas are easy to access early and spawn a ton of Cinnamoth for farming Honey fast. 

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Where to find Elizabee in Palworld

Palworld Elizabee location
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Elizabee is a world boss in Palworld whom you can find north of the Lake Center teleport waypoint. She is a level 31 boss, so make sure you and your Pals are at least level 30 before fighting. 

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Where to find Warsect in Palworld

Palworld Warsect location
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Similar to Elizabee, Warsect is one of the world bosses in Palworld whom you can find south of Gobfin’s Turf teleport waypoint and she, of course, drops Palworld Honey.

That concludes our guide on how to get and farm Honey in Palworld. 

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