The Gone in 360 Seconds Helldivers 2 trophy is one of the most challenging trophies to earn in the game. A strict time limit and the overall difficulty of tasks make it all the more strenuous.

The Gone in 360 Seconds Helldivers 2 trophy features an Extreme Difficulty Blitz mission, which you need to finish in under six minutes. While the mission will test your skills, it’s possible to complete it with some prior planning. In this guide, we will explain how you can complete the Gone in 360 Seconds Helldivers 2 trophy with relative ease.

Gone in 360 seconds Helldivers 2 trophy guide

Gone in 360 seconds Helldivers 2
Credit: Slashbuddy24 YouTube Channel

We will provide step-by-step instructions on how to start and complete the Gone in 360 Seconds Helldivers 2 trophy challenge. Before you start the journey to earn the trophy, you will need to plan out a good loadout. The loadout will help you with speed and effectiveness during the mission.

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Loadout and mission Selection

Helldivers 2 missions
Credit: Slashbuddy24 YouTube Channel
  • Grenade launcher: Using a Grenade launcher is mandatory for this challenge because it can help you close the bug holes quickly and easily. You will unlock the launcher stratagem at around level 10 or 12 in the game.
  • Light Armor: Equip light armor to enhance sprinting capabilities and stamina regeneration.

Once you have the loadout sorted, you will select the correct mission to start your challenge. Select a Difficulty 6 Blitz Mission with the “Search and Destroy” mission type, focusing on closing bug holes. Once you have selected the mission, make sure you have the correct loadout selected.

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Gone in 360 seconds Helldivers 2 trophy mission — tips

Helldivers 2 trophy guide
Credit: Slashbuddy24 YouTube Channel

Here are some steps and tips to help you complete the mission quickly and get the Gone in 360 Seconds Helldivers 2 trophy.

  • After selecting your mission, choose your drop point to get a head start in the initial phase of the mission. Make sure to choose a drop point near a cluster of bug nests to minimize travel time and maximize efficiency.
  • As soon as you drop, try to use your normal grenades first. Throw them wisely to maximize coverage before switching to the Grenade launcher.
  • Your aim should be to only use the Grenade launcher for the second group of bug nests. So try to take the first group by manually sprinting and throwing nades.
  • In the meantime, maintain communication and coordination with teammates to make sure the mission’s progression is going smoothly.
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  • Once you have covered all the bug nests, try to reach the extract point approximately halfway through the mission duration for the extraction process. You can also rely on your teammates to cover leftover bug nests while you move toward the extraction point.
  • Stay cautious for threats such as Bile Titans while advancing toward the extract point.
  • Utilize orbital barrage stratagems and other resources to overcome obstacles and maintain momentum.
  • Remain focused on the primary objective of closing bug holes swiftly while managing enemy forces.
  • If you are playing with a full squad, use the manpower and divide the responsibilities.
  • Once you close all the bug nests, board the dropship with at least six minutes remaining on the mission timer to unlock the Gone in 360 Seconds trophy in Helldivers 2.

It is common to have multiple deaths alongside your teammates throughout the challenge, and it’s part of the gameplay. The crucial aspect is to complete the mission within the six-minute timeframe. So, it’s advisable to carefully monitor the time lost during respawning.

That concludes our guide to help you with the 360 Seconds Helldivers 2 trophy mission.

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