Helldivers 2 is a challenging game, and irrespective of the difficulty setting, you’re more than likely to get swarmed by enemies from all directions. Some encounters are objectively more difficult, especially those that involve facing gigantic beasts like the Chargers. 

In this guide, we highlight how to kill Chargers in Helldivers 2. Helldivers 2 Chargers are heavily armored Terminids, who, as the name suggests, will charge toward you and your party members to finish you off in a single hit. Taking down a Charger can be daunting but not impossible.

How to kill Chargers in Helldivers 2 easily

Helldivers 2 Chargers
Screenshot by Shreyansh Katsura / ONE Esports

The best way to kill Chargers in Helldivers 2 is by calling upon Orbital Precision Strike for a clean hit. You can also use Eagle Strafing Run or Eagle Airstrike to deal massive amounts of damage. 

However, since Chargers in Helldivers 2 are always charging one way or another, it’s easy to miss your attacks, especially if you don’t plant the attack directly over its body. As such, we recommend using the aforementioned methods to take down a Helldivers 2 Charger only when it hasn’t spotted you or your teammate. 

When the Charger is instead on your tail, one of the best ways to slow it down is by using the Orbital EMS Strike. You can use this to stun the Charger, rendering it immobile temporarily. We recommend using this moment to sprint towards its back or signal your party member to do so, as unlike its front, its back is prone to damage.

For situations like this, an Anti-Material Rifle is a great choice to deal massive precision-based damage to the Charger’s back. 

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If there are more than two members in your party, you can ask them to use the GR-8 Recoiless Rifle, which can penetrate the Charger’s armor and take it out in a single hit. However, it will require proper coordination, and until you’re sure, we recommend keeping a distance and using the Anti-Material Rifle or the Orbital Precision Strike to kill it. 

In case there are multiple Chargers in the vicinity, we first recommend equipping the Jump Pack to increase your mobility and avoid getting trampled by them. Next, any strikes that deal AOE damage will be a great choice, for instance, the Eagle Napalm Airstrike. Just make sure that none of your party members are in its line of sight. 

If nothing works, there’s a risky yet effective way to kill the Charger in a single hit. For this, you have to die at least once. Upon spawning, navigate your hell pod and drop it right on top of the Charger. If you position it correctly, the landing will crush the Charger. If not, the Charger will likely crush you a second later. 

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Where to find Helldivers 2 Chargers location

Helldivers 2 Chargers location
Screenshot by Shreyansh Katsura / ONE Esports

You can find the Helldivers 2 Chargers location in the Terminid region of the map. It’s the bug-infested region of the game. While they spawn randomly across, there is a way to know whether you will encounter Chargers in a mission or not.

For this, simply check the bottom of the mission screen for the “Heavilty Armored Enemies” tag. If it’s there, you will find Chargers in it. Also, note that Chargers in Helldivers 2 only spawn at medium or higher difficulty.

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