The Automaton Tanks are one of the most destructive enemy units in Helldivers 2. While not easy, there are many ways to deal with them in the game.

Automaton Tanks have a tough exterior because of all the armor protecting them. Not only are these tanks tough to bring down, they have quite the firepower to damage you. ;

How to deal with Automaton Tanks in Helldivers 2

Automaton tanks in Helldivers 2 defeat
Credit: PlayStation YouTube Channel

If you want to come out on top against Automaton Tanks in Helldivers 2, you will have to follow some crucial tips. These will help you strategically find loopholes to defeat the tanks.

  • Choose Weapons and explosives wisely – The developers have included weapons and grenades that can deal good damage to heavy armor units. The Anti-Materiel rifle is one of the easiest weapons to get and proves to be very effective against the tanks. Some Stratagems like Autocannons, Recoilless Rifle, Railgun, and Spear are great as well.
  • Use Mobility – Tanks are extremely slow and take a lot of time to act on your position. It’s best to take advantage of this and stay mobile around them. Even when taking objectives, use speed and try to complete them as soon as possible to avoid confrontations.
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  • Aim for weakness – Automaton Tanks have two variants and both have an obvious weakness. They have a heat sink part that glows red, you need to target it consistently. Use weapons that can pierce armor and are good against Automatons.
  • Positioning – It’s always advisable to spread your team in different directions against the Automaton Tanks. This forces the enemy to target one member, exposing it from different directions.  The team member taking the heat should use prone and covers to survive the attacks, while others finish the tanks. Teamwork is important to take the tanks down.

That covers all the tips and tricks you can use to defeat Automaton Tanks in Helldivers 2.

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