Ship modules in Helldivers 2 are upgrades that improve the effectiveness of your Stratagems. These include benefits such as reduced cooldown for Support weapons and increased health of Sentry.

Using the best Ship Modules in Helldivers 2 is just as important as using the best Stratagems since the latter is directly influenced by the former. As such, in this guide, we explain all the best Ship Modules you need to unlock in Helldivers 2. 

All the best Ship Modules in Helldivers 2 to unlock

Best Ship Modules in Helldivers 2
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Below, you can find our top six Ship Modules to use. 

Streamlined Request Process

Upgrade effect: Decreases Support Weapon stratagem cooldown by 10%.

This one’s the most important because you need support weapons to take down the bosses and other formidable foes in the game. Unfortunately, they have insanely long cooldown times, not to mention you drop one every time you die, and finding them can be a hassle. As such, you may want to unlock this ship module sooner rather than later to get an edge in the battle.

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Zero-G Breech Loading 

Upgrade effect: Orbital stratagem cooldown time reduced by 10%

Orbital Stratagems are incredibly powerful abilities that can clear a good chunk of enemies in a single hit. They are quite satisfying to use and watch, but like support weapons, Orbital Stratagems also have long cooldowns. As you will want to use them as frequently as possible, it’s best to prioritize unlocking the  Zero-G Breech ship module.  

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Targeting Software Upgrade

Upgrade effect: Reduces deployment time for Orbital stratagems by 1 second. 

While Orbital strikes deal devastating damage, they take a while to get going. In frantic situations when a Charger is chasing you and your party members, dropping Orbital Stratagems even a second quickly can make a difference in life and death. As such, we don’t recommend skipping this ship module, especially when playing on higher difficulties. 

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Expanded Weapons Bay 

Upgrade effect: Increases number of Eagle stratagem uses per Rearm by 1. 

Eagle Stratagems are great for quick getaways and for taking down small groups of enemies. They aren’t as explosive as Orbital Stratagems, but with the Expanded Weapons Bay upgrade, you can at least increase their effectiveness to some extent. Also, it’s pretty cool to cause and watch back-to-back explosions in the name of liberty. 

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Advanced Construction

Upgrade effect: Increases health of Sentry stratagems by 50%

Sentry Stratagements are great for ads-clearing, especially during intense moments like before extraction. However, they can break down easily, particularly around hard-hitting Terminids and Automatons. Advanced Construction upgrade increases Sentry health by 50%, which makes them more viable in battle. 

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High-Quality Lubricant 

Upgrade effect: Sentries rotate toward new targets more quickly. 

The High-Quality Lubricant upgrade is more situational, but still one of the most important Ship Module upgrades in Helldivers 2. It allows your Sentries to find and target new targets easily. We found this especially useful in more open-ended encounters where enemy reinforcements came from multiple directions. It’s also incredibly handy if you play solo more often. 

These are some of the best Ship Module upgrades in Helldivers 2 that we recommend to use.

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