The Farlight 84 Philippines Summit showcased a vision for the future, including new maps, various strategies to elevate the game’s esports scene, and the introduction of a Filipino hero.

Farlight 84 has made a commitment of US$20 million over the course of five years, setting the bar for esports in the Philippines. This significant financial backing will be allocated through the Farlight Philippines Championship (FPC), a tournament series that welcomes participants of all skill levels. Players now have the opportunity to compete for a prize pool of US$1 million, with chances to earn cash rewards through various tournaments planned.

Nelson Woon at the Farlight 84 Philippines Summit
Credit: Nelson Woon

Farlight Games is dedicated to providing updates with fresh heroes on a monthly basis as well as introducing new maps, weapons, game modes, and vehicles every six months.

In addition to these game-related improvements, Farlight is on the brink of being available on the Nintendo Switch, and also plans to expand into the PlayStation and Xbox platforms in the upcoming year.

Farlight 84 teases an upcoming Filipino hero

Farlight 84 Filipino hero teaser
Screenshot by Ron Muyot/ONE Esports

Farlight Games Senior Director of Global Publishing Nelson Woon shared a glimpse of their plans that are specifically tailored to meet the preference of the local players, including the introduction of a Filipino hero to the game’s roster.

“In a celebration of the Filipino culture, we are introducing a new Filipino hero,” says Nelson Woon. “This hero, who will assume the support role and will embody the vibrant spirit of a rockstar, reflects our ongoing commitment offering customized elements and content.”

The new hero is set to be released in October, and along with it, hero skins that are exclusively designed for Filipino fans will also be available.

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