Proletariat’s highly-anticiapted battle royale, Spellbreak, is nearly here.

The game promises players a refreshing new take on the genre by combining rogue-like elements with traditional battle royale gameplay.

Here’s everything you need to know:


Credit: Proletariat

Right off the bat, Spellbreak looks like the complete opposite of Fortnite’s bright and vivid map with its Hollow Lands filled with uneven landscapes and castle ruins. The game is set after the apocalyptic event called The Fracture, where extreme magic ruined the lands and brought forth dangerous Spellstorms throughout the world.

Screenshot by: Kristine Tuting/ ONE Esports

The map includes portals and mana vaults, which holds chests containing legendary items that would give players a huge advantage in terms of gameplay.


Credit: Proletariat

The player’s goal is to beat other wizards called Breakers and be the last one standing in this fantasy rogue-like magical battle royale game.

In order to do that, players need to strategize well by looting items and equipment that go well with their chosen class. There are six classes to choose from in Spellbreak, all based on elements like fire, water, earth, air, toxic, and lightning.

Screenshot by: Kristine Tuting/ ONE Esports

Since this is an RPG-style battle royale, these classes offer various passive abilities accompanied by gauntlets which can be used for combat.


Credit: Proletariat

The players’ starting common gauntlet can be equipped to cast spells and can later on be upgraded in rarity. A second gauntlet can be equipped on the player’s other hand regardless of its element.

Gauntlets cast spells which are mana-based projectile abilities and sorceries which act as your character’s ultimate ability with varying cooldown timers depending on your class.

Runes, which are scattered across the map, give players another activated ability primarily focused on their mobility. These are quick game changers to dire situations since it can give player the leverage to become invisible, fly, teleport, or even rewind time.

“The battlefield around you is constantly transforming. Everything is interactive. You can create devastating combos with your spells and sorceries, but you can also combine with allied or enemy magic to great effect,” according to Spellbreak’s Closed Alpha Tutorial.

Once you’ve survived all the Spellstorms and have defeated the other Breakers, you will be hailed as the Ultimate Battlemage of the Hollow Lands.

Why you should play Spellbreak

Credit: Proletariat

If you’re a big fan of magic and sorcery, this upcoming battle royale game is for you. Spellbreak’s charm lies in its fresh magical interaction system that other battle royale games don’t have. It leaves players with a lot of room to play, experiment, and form tactics in its combat mode.

“From the highlights I’ve seen from other players currently in the pre-alpha, I can say for sure that they’re doing some really impressive stuff and that’s all about deciding what you have, what your enemy has, what’s going around you and not just making it simply about who can get the faster skill shot but really thinking through and making smart tactical decisions about how you’re using your spells and your abilities,” explained CEO and Creative Lead Seth Sivak.

Spellbreak’s unique class system is also something to look out for, where squads can create distinctive builds and spell combinations depending on their playstyle.

Since the game’s concept originally blossomed from the company’s desire to build a competitive multiplayer rogue-like title, Spellbreak isn’t just catered to battle royale players. Sivak explained that Spellbreak’s audiences may come from four game genres that we’re all already familiar with.

This game is for:

  • Battle royale players – specifically Fortnite fans. Its tactical ability for building can be likened to Spellbreak’s spell casting system.
  • Ability-based shooters – aside from high mobility in its gameplay, Spellbreak also offers non-military weapons which may appeal to previous Overwatch, Warframe, and even Valorant players.
  • Massively Multiplayer Online players – the direction of the game follows the theme and style of MMO titles like World of Warcraft or Terra.
  • Multiplayer Online Battle Arena players – Spellbreak’s pace of combat, abilities, and escalating progression might be appealing to MOBA fans.

“It (Spellbreak) doesn’t really fit into a box,” said Sivak. “We’ve been calling it a battle royale RPG, you know an action spell-casting battle royale RPG and so it’s hard to really compare it to one specific genre or to kind of push it into one specific box and that’s what’s really fun about making it is that it’s something totally new.”

Spellbreak launches on September 3 at 10 p.m. GMT+8 with cross-play and cross-progression across PS4, PC, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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