Even early on, Alan Wake was shown to be connected to the Control universe during the AWE DLC. Building upon that, there were further mentions of the Federal Bureau of Control in Alan Wake 2, and it didn’t stop there.

This has led to many fans speculating and asking themselves — did Alan Wake create the FBC? Did Alan Wake write Control? Let’s talk about it.

Did Alan Wake create the FBC? What do the signs point to?

Did Alan Wake create the FBC? Did Alan Wake write Control?
Credit: Remedy Entertainment

Game developer Remedy Entertainment truly took their titles to the next level by teasing their releases through in-game easter eggs, making them more memorable and sometimes exciting. With that said, the lore of Remedy-verse got much more complicated with Alan Wake 2’s New Game Plus ending.

The extended storyline of Alan Wake 2 gives more insight into the Control universe through Dr. Casper Darling. Moreover, the new ending even crowns Alan Wake as the master of many worlds, as his writing has the potential to create his universes. The writer managed to compose his escape from the Dark Place by using his powers, and in turn, gained knowledge of his potential.

While there have been mentions of Alan Wake in the AWE DLC in Control, some theorized that he created the Federal Bureau of Control and the Oldest House, as an attempt to save himself. This theory grew more in popularity with the latest release from Remedy Entertainment, which really sparked the question — did Alan Wake create the FBC?

Alan Wake is considered a special case in the Remedy-verse, as he can bend reality through his writing. In Control, his ability to affect reality is considered an Altered World Event, or AWE for short. This idea was used to tease the existence of Alan Wake 2 at the end of the AWE DLC.

According to the lore written by Remedy Entertainment, the Federal Bureau of Control was formed in 1964. The organization was formed to understand paranatural events around the globe, and to contain them. After its creation, the bureau faced various AWE’s (earlier known as Paradimensional Occurrences), even years before Wake’s disappearance in 2010.

While that’s the case, during the AWE DLC, Wake talked about writing a new protagonist led by alien intelligence. This seems to refer to the main protagonist of Control, Jesse Fayden, and her relationship with Polaris. So it’s possible that this could be Alan Wake’s plan to put Jesse as Director of the Oldest House and help him escape — the dots are connecting.

There have also been mentions of the crime novelist through Dylan Fayden’s vision after being contained. He describes a writer being tormented and looking for his way out for a long time and also goes on to mention the existence of other universes because of the tormented writer.

In Alan Wake 2, Alice Wake explains the situation of Alan and his mysteries with the Dark Place. Alice explains Alan’s case to be a loop that either spirals downwards or upwards. To save him, Alice intervenes with pictures in an attempt to show him the right path. At the end of Alan Wake 2, Alice says the following:

“I got in touch with an organization that was still looking into what happened at Bright Falls… After I got home I started to remember everything. I remembered being trapped inside that lake, a dark ocean with echoes of myself, my fears, and my photos. Inside a dark tide of madness.”

In this case, Alice might be talking of the Federal Bureau of Control, as they know of these occurrences surrounding Alan Wake. So as a last attempt, Alan might have included this part in his manuscript to set him free.

There’s potential that a part of this story could be explored in Control 2, which is currently in development by Remedy Entertainment. Either way, there’s plenty of room for fan theories, and we’re here for it.

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