EA FC 24 defending has changed from previous titles, and you’ll need to get used to new methods and tactics to make sure you don’t concede a lot of goals.

There’s a certain learning curve to nailing every defensive action. Learning to defend properly is especially useful in Ultimate Team mode if you want to rank up quickly.

This guide has crucial tips to improve your EA FC 24 defending and help you lead your team to glory.

The best EA FC 24 defending tips to win matches on the pitch

Best EA FC 24 defending tips
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EA FC 24 defending tips: Use the best formations and custom tactics

It’s absolutely crucial to have proper formation and custom tactics so that you have a good defensive presence. Four at the back is always recommended if you’re a beginner, but five at the back is useful as well.

Formations like 4-4-2, 4-3-3, 4-1-2-1-2, and 4-2-3-1 offer good defensive presence throughout. You’ll also have to adjust your custom tactics and player instructions to make sure your defensive line doesn’t break down throughout the game.

EA FC 24 defending tips: Switch to tactical defending

By default, the defending mode is set to Advanced Defending, which gives you less control over your players. Switching to Tactical Defending allows you to have more control over your players and lets you adjust them annually.

This is particularly useful in the Ultimate Team mode, as knowing how to defend properly is necessary for winning matches.

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EA FC 24 defending tips: Use players with high physical and pace

You need your defenders to be built like a brick while also having decent pace so that you don’t get outrun by the pacey forwards. Defenders having both of these are quite rare, and they are very expensive in Ultimate Team, so you’ll need to pick out the best ones.

Height is also a big matter here; having short defenders won’t do you any good. A good example of a centerback in the game would be Virgil Van Dijk, who has great stats for a defender. His base card is quite expensive in Ultimate Team due to him being overpowered, but if you find a player similar to him, then you should include them in your squad.

EA FC 24 defending tips: Use R1/RB to press

Pressing is key whenever your opponent has the ball, as it will leave them very little room to pass or shoot. Pressing and Holding R1/RB once will bring one player near the opponent who has the ball to block out a passing option.

Pressing and holding the button twice will bring two players to press. These severely limit the player’s actions, which may force them to roll back or make an error. This is particularly useful to defend against cutback goals from near the goalpost

EA FC 24 defending tips: Use L2/LT to jockey

Jockeying by holding L2/LT will make your players keep close to the ball whenever your opponent has it. This keeps players close to the opponent who has the ball and can force them into an error. It also limits their speed and can help them make proper movements.

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EA FC 24 defending tips: Avoid standing tackles within the penalty area

Unless you’re really good at it, avoid standing tackles within the penalty area because there’s a high risk of getting a penalty if you time it wrong. Doing standing tackles with players who have the Intercept+ and Anticipate+ playstyles is much safer and more accurate.

Even if you don’t have them, time your tackles properly as they could set the precedent for the whole match.

EA FC 24 defending tips: Pick players with the best defending playstyles

Playstyles and Playstyles+ completely change the way you can defend in EA Sports FC 24, especially in Ultimate Team. Certain defensive playstyles completely change the dynamics of a game, and these have a massive effect on the result.

The Anticipate, Intercept, and Slide Tackle are the meta in the game, so when you have players with these in your team, you must include them in your starting 11.

That is everything you need to know about the best EA FC 24 defending tips to use to protect your own goal.

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