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While those on PC and Xbox can play the game via Game Pass, the Xbox Store, or Steam, others are left asking, is Palworld on PlayStation?

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Palworld became a phenomenon within the first few hours of the game’s early access launch, and it continues to break records as time passes.

If you are one such player, keep reading as we answer the is Palworld on PS5 or PS4 question, while talking about some of the frequent questions related to the game from the PlayStation community. 

Is Palworld on PlayStation?

Is Palworld on PS4?
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The game has garnered a massive player base, with over a million concurrent players playing it via Steam. 

Howevr, at the time of writing this article, Palworld is not available on the PlayStation platform. This includes the current gen, PS5, or the previous gen, PS4 and PS4 Pro models.  So even if you’re asking the question, is Palworld on PS5, specifically, the answer is unfortunately not.

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Currently, the game is only available on the Xbox and PC platforms. However, you should not mistake it as Xbox and PC exclusive, as there is no exclusivity deal between Microsoft and Pocketpair, at least as of now. 

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But seeing the game’s massive success within a few hours after the early access launch, and the positive critical reception, Palworld may get offers from big players to make the game stay on their platforms only. 

Will Palworld PS5 be released? How about PS4?

A Palworld PS4 release is possible
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While Palworld already has more than three million players who have purchased the game on Steam, with twice that number if you combine players playing the game on the Xbox platform and PC via Game Pass, there’s a very high chance that we will see the game arrive on PlayStation platform as hardware wise, Sony is still the market leader. 

Hopeful fans are asking, is Palworld multiplayer?

A Palworld PlayStation launch on the PS4 and PS5 will give Pocketpair access to millions of players who prefer PlayStation as their platform of choice. At the moment, a Palworld PS5 and PS4 launch is just wishful thinking. 

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But seeing Pocketpair’s comment on a PS5 release in their Palworld early access official FAQ, “We don’t have plans for this at the moment, but will consider it during development,” we may see a Palworld PlayStation release for the game down the road. 

When will Palworld PS5 and PS5 come?

Is Palworld on PlayStation?
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Currently, no details are available on a Palworld PlayStation release. But we will update the article if we get any official information from Pocketpair, or any other information surrounding the game’s release on the PlayStation platform. 

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To keep up-to-date with all the Palworld news as it happens, make sure to check out our dedicated Palworld page here.

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