While Sony and Microsoft are all set to introduce the next generation of video game consoles next month, it appears that there’s another familiar name that the gaming world should pay close attention to. 

Surprisingly, that name is Atari.

We already know about Atari’s modern redesign of its iconic VCS (Video Computer System) gaming console, but apparently the retro gaming brand has another surprise up its sleeve. In addition to launching its first console in more than 20 years, Atari is also introducing Atari Token, a new digital currency that the French tech company wants players to use to buy games and make in-game purchases on the VCS system.

Atari Token will start selling on October 29, roughly a month ahead of its anticipated November release. US$1 million worth of Atari Tokens will be sold to retail investors around the world through Bitcoin.com Exchange. The tokens are priced at US$0.25 apiece. 

Looking toward the future, Atari’s goal is for Atari Token to become the standard digital currency in the video game industry.

“We have a brand, we have a following — we think we are going to get some attention in any case,” Atari Chief Executive Officer Frederic Chesnais told Bloomberg. Looking to bank on the system’s nostalgic and casual gaming appeal, Chesnais believes that Atari’s primary competitor is the iPhone, rather than the next-gen PlayStation or Xbox gaming ecosystems.

In addition to Atari Tokens, Atari is developing a less volatile gaming stable coin, but Chesnais admitted that this project will take a while to launch.

The Atari VCS is being teased for a November 27 release date, based on multiple reports citing this Walmart listing. The console is currently available in an “all-in bundle” priced at US$390 (discounted pre-order price). The bundle includes a wireless controller, wireless joystick, and the entire 100-game Atari Vault. Learn more about the new Atari VCS and place your pre-order here.

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