The World of Warcraft Dragonflight story is coming to a close, and with that, all eyes are turning towards The War Within.

The upcoming expansion is a big part of the newly released 2024 WoW roadmap, and we’ll be diving into that in this article.

The 2024 WoW roadmap provides a look at how Dragonflight will end, and what comes after

World of Warcraft The War Within expansion
Credit: Blizzard

When it comes to The War Within, Blizzard says this expansion is “the opening chapter of the most ambitious story arch in World of Warcraft’s history, The Worldsoul Saga, which will span three consecutive expansions.”

The next two expansions in the saga have been named Midnight, and The Last Titan. Chris Metzen, executive creative director of Warcraft, has stated that these expansions to the story will be coming faster than fans are used to but didn’t provide exact details.

Before we get there, though, the 2024 WoW roadmap shows that there are still plenty of updates coming before we get a whole new saga.

Starting with patch 10.2.5, we’ll get the epilogues for the Dragon Isles, the Reclamation of Gilneas, Dragonriding all around Azeroth, follower dungeons, Azerothian Archives, the Hearthstone anniversary event, and the Outland Cup.

2024 WoW Roadmap
Credit: Blizzard

This will be followed by a mysterious 10.2.6 patch which is only shown via a white skull and bones on a black flag.

Those who gain access to the alpha for the upcoming expansion can expect that in the middle of the 10.2.6 patch, located roughly at the end of the Winter season.

This will be followed by the fourth season of Dragonflight. The final season of the expansion will bring a new PvP and Mythic+ season in addition to new open-world rewards and Dragonflight raids revisited.

The last Dragonflight-focused patch looks to be 10.2.7 with Dark Heart in the latter half of the Spring. This content patch will bring Timerunning: Pandamonium, Harbinger Quests, Troll and Draenai Heritage armor, and a new holiday event.

New WoW expansion content

Finally, it’s The War Within pre-patch start in the Summer of 2024. The pre-patch shifts the 2024 WoW roadmap into the new expansion and adds the highly anticipated Warbands, dynamic flight, guild updates, and the world events leading up to the expansion launch.

In the second half of the summer, fans can expect to jump into The War Within with the launch of the start of The World Soul Saga. This will bring a whole new campaign, Delves, Hero Talents, a new allied race, four new zones, eight new dungeons, a new raid, and a new PvP season.

Lastly, there’s a later Autumn patch dubbed 11.0.5 which will bring more stories and quests along with new content and system updates on top of a 20th anniversary event we’re excited to hear more about.

Now we know what to expect through 2024, and as fans of the popular MMORPG, we couldn’t be happier to know the expansion is closer than we originally thought.

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