Fortnite’s chilly Operation Snowdown is in full swing, and with this winter event comes the return of a fan-favorite game mode. As 2020 comes to a close, the Air Royale limited-time mode has swooped back in to take the action on Fortnite Island to literally greater heights.

Air Royale first came to Fortnite in April 2019, adding an exciting new dimension to the popular battle royale title by taking the action to the skies.

The high-altitude game mode isn’t the only LTM you can play in Operation Snowdown though. 

Throughout the event, Fortnite is rotating popular game modes for a limited time, as well as introducing new ones, including one called Shockwave. Last week, for instance, Pickaxe Frenzy returned to Fortnite as an LTM, after previously appearing as the Lachlan skin tournament.

You’ll also be able to play all the LTMs at random using the event’s Snowdown Shuffle.

Operation Snowdown is live until January 5, bringing new and returning holiday-themed skins and items, as well as the free caroling Sing Along Emote. See what this frosty Fortnite event has in store for you in the trailer below:

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