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With most nightclubs around the world still closed due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, where are you supposed to go to show off your latest dance moves?

How about Fortnite?

The newly launched Live Fresh Club is an extravagant re-imagining of Singapore’s legendary Jiak Kim Street nightclub created by DBS exclusively within Fortnite’s Creative Mode.

The club features three massive rooms, each with their own dance floor, so there’s plenty of space to get your groove on.

The club also has its own unique battle royale game mode. Instead of guns and rocket launchers, your weapon of choice in this game mode will be the power of dance.

Force other club patrons to dance on the spot by throwing a unique Boogie Bomb grenade at them, which will force them to dance in place for five seconds. You can get Boogie Bombs from any of the vending machines located around the club. Not feeling someone else’s dance moves? You can throw an Impulse grenade at them to blast them off the dance floor.

Search hard enough in the club and you might also find some special hidden items that will help you ‘jet’ around the club.

Score points by collecting coins around the club. The first player to collect 30 coins wins.

The Live Fresh Club is live now. You can check it out yourself with this Creative Mode code: 9335-6787-4501

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