How do professional esports players relax after playing countless of matches in a day? For Dmitry “DM” Dorokhin, reading funny comments on Russian websites helps him loosen up during tournaments.

Dota 2 offlaner DM opened up about his unorthodox way of keeping stress at bay in a post-match interview at the ESL One Fall 2021 Bootcamp Edition. DM finds Russian flaming comments funny

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When asked what he does to relax after a day’s worth of matches, DM revealed that the whole team reads comments on Russian websites together.

“It’s just fun to watch when they (the fans) flame,” he said. DM believes Russian Dota 2 players are more creative than European players when it comes to flaming.

“When Russians flame, they do it in very good, sarcastic ways. I just enjoy reading these kinds of comments,” he explained.

European players just usually spam “poggers” and “kekw” in the chat and comments, as opposed to the Russians’ sense of humor when it comes to flaming.

“We players are not really sensitive to these things,” said DM. “We just really enjoy reading them.”

The team even welcomed their new coach Anatoly “boolk” Ivanov by showing him all the bad comments that the community has posted about him. In the end, they just laughed the flaming off.

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Credit: is at the top of the Group A standings at the ESL One Fall 2021 Bootcamp Edition with no losses so far.

Dota 2 fans can watch this Russian team at the ESL One Fall 2021 Bootcamp Edition on Twitch.

This has been translated from Beam.Warat’s original Thai article.

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