Fans are getting an official, standalone Dota version of Drodo Games’ custom map, Dota Auto Chess.

The announcement comes after Valve spent some time talking to China-based game developer and Auto Chess creator Drodo Games, and came to the conclusion that both parties would create their own version of the game.

Valve had flown Drodo down to its headquarters earlier in February for the discussion, and Drodo has since created a non-Dota mobile version of the game, with Valve helping DAC mod players migrate their account progress over to their new game.

“We had great conversations, but we both came to the conclusion that Valve and Drodo could not work directly with each other for a variety of reasons. We ended up agreeing that we’ll each build our own stand-alone version of the game, and support each other to the fullest,” said Valve in a blog post.

It’s also highly likely that the new game could be called Dota Underlords, which Valve recently trademarked on May 6 prior to this announcement.

Since the mod’s release six months ago, Dota Auto Chess has already amassed a massive eight million subscriber count.

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