Valve has finally released the new Arcana for Windranger, called the Compass of the Rising Gale, to owners of The International 2020 (TI10) Battle Pass.

The Windranger Arcana is the third and final Arcana in the TI10 Battle Pass and is unlocked at Battle Pass Level 575. The Arcana gives Windranger an all-new model, custom animations for her abilities and certain items, sound effects, hero portrait, and icons. It also features a damage counter for her ultimate, Focus Fire, as well as custom death effects for both Windranger and enemy heroes she takes down.

Much like the other Arcanas in this year’s battle pass, the Windranger Arcana also has an unlockable second style called the Reflections of the Gale. It is unlocked after owners of the Arcana rack up 2,500,000 Focus Fire damage, giving the item an autumnal color theme for its model and effects.

Here’s a closer look at the Windranger Arcana in action:

The Windranger Arcana is the last of the three Arcanas that can be unlocked through the TI10 Battle Pass, with the first being Wraith King’s One True King Arcana and the second being Queen of Pain’s Eminence of Ristul Arcana. The Battle Pass also has two more Hero Personas available for Pudge and Anti-Mage.

The Windranger Arcana is also the second to the last content release for the TI10 Battle Pass before it expires on September 19. The third and final Immortal Treasure set is expected to be released some time next week.

The most direct way to unlock all the new Arcanas and Hero Personas in the Battle Pass is to simply reach the prerequisite levels for the items. Make good use of the new features arriving with the TI10 Battle Pass such as the Guild system, Battle Gauntlet, Bounty Killing, and the Sideshop.

If you don’t have the time or don’t want to go through the grind but have enough cash to throw around, you can simply buy your way to unlocking them all.

Start by buying the Level 100 Battle Pass Bundle for US$45 to get to Battle Pass Level 100 right off the bat. To quickly reach Battle Pass Level 575 and unlock all Arcanas and Hero Personas, you’ll need to buy the 24 Battle Pass Levels Bundle 20 times. The bundle is priced at US$10.

In total, you need to spend almost US$245 to get the TI10 Battle Pass and unlock all the Arcanas and Hero Personas that come with it without having to grind for free levels. As a bonus, buying your way there unlocks a lot of the other features and goodies that the Battle Pass has to offer.

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