The International 2022 is drawing ever nearer now, with the conclusion of TI11’s Regional qualifiers.

While the six winning teams from each regional qualifier have clinched their spots in TI11’s group stage, 12 teams have also secured their places in the upcoming TI11 Last Chance qualifier.

These 12 teams finished in 2nd and 3rd place in their respective regional qualifiers and will be battling for the final two spots at TI11.

And with the TI11 Last Chance qualifier filled with top teams and former TI champions, the five-day event from October 8 to 12 is shaping up to be a prelude to The International 2022.

Full list of teams qualified for TI11 Last Chance qualifier

TI11 Last Chance qualifier
Credit: PGL
Team SecretWestern Europe
Team LiquidWestern Europe
Vici GamingChina
Xtreme GamingChina
OutsidersEastern Europe
Natus VincereEastern Europe
T1Southeast Asia
Polaris EsportsSoutheast Asia
nounsNorth America
Wildcard GamingNorth America
InfamousSouth America
TempestSouth America

Fan favorite squads Team Secret, Team Liquid, Vici Gaming, Natus Vincere, T1, and Outsiders (the former roster) will headline the event. They are the favorites to make it out of the LCQ. However, with only two spots up for grabs, they will have to play near-perfect games to advance into the group stage.

The field also includes underdog squads like Polaris Esports, nouns, Wildcard Gaming, Infamous, Tempest, and Xtreme Gaming. Competitive Dota 2 has seen more than one underdog defy the odds and triumph, and these teams will be hoping to write their own Cinderella story.

Valve and PGL have yet to announce how the teams will be seeded. 

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