The latest Spring Cleaning Dota 2 update is here, squashing bugs and bringing a host of quality-of-life changes for players—including a welcome change to the infuriating, multi-click muting system.

Players will now be able to use a single click to mute players, which will also send an automatic report. More options can be found with a right click, where you can individually mute text or voice, and it’s now possible to mute an entire team.

More data, more informed choices

Players will now be able to see more detailed information throughout the game. The Aghanim’s Scepter and Shard tooltips were updated to provide hard numbers, so it’s now easier to see if the upgrades are worth the gold.

Spring Cleaning new Aghanims' tooltips
Credit: Valve

The shop search will now recognize simpler search terms, like “speed” and “range”, instead of fully relying on the names of the items. This should help players see their list of shopping options, instead of trying to recall a specific item.

The Demo Hero mode was revamped to provide map space, plus the cleaning up of the options bar on the left. In their endeavor to test things out, players can now spawn power runes, remove heroes, and revert to level one with a single click.

More colors will be coming to Dota 2, thanks to expanded item tooltips that will provide more detailed information on what each attribute provides—such as health and mana—with red, blue, and green, tagged to strength, intelligence, and agility respectively. Spell damage will now have colors depending on what sort of damage they deal—red for physical, blue for magic, and gold for pure.

Spring cleaning Dota 2 means dedicating whole section to Rubick

Tons of gameplay bugs were fixed, including annoying little things like adjusting Boots of Travel’s propensity to target creeps instead of towers, Lifestealer’s Consume no longer changing hotkey whenever he enters a different creep, and the Ogre Bruiser finally getting a wind-up and sound for his three-second stun.

But it was Rubick, perhaps Dota 2’s buggiest hero due to his Spell Steal ability, who was arguably the biggest beneficiary of the spring cleaning.

Several spells with dual slots like Elder Titan’s Astral Spirit and Puck’s Illusory Orb would previously occupy both Aghanim Scepter-upgraded Rubick’s spell slots. Now, these have been fixed to give a Rubick even more flexibility. Many skills interactions with Aghanim’s Shard will now work properly when Rubick steals the spell as well.

You can read the full list of changes and bug fixes on Valve’s official website.

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