In this special two-part series brought to you by foodpanda, get an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at all the highs and lows of the ONE Esports Singapore Major as we get up close and personal with three teams: Fnatic, Evil Geniuses, and OB.Neon as they compete in one of the biggest Dota 2 tournaments of 2021.

As the first offline Dota tournament in over a year, the pressure is on as every player wants to give their best.

And with all teams competing for precious DPC points in hopes of qualifying for The International 10, the stakes have never been higher.

Can Evil Geniuses and Fnatic take home the trophy?

For Dota 2 veterans, Evil Geniuses and Fnatic, the Singapore Major is another chapter in their storied histories, but with the ongoing global pandemic, preparation for the Major has been made vastly more difficult. With the looming threat of travel restrictions and potential COVID-19 transmission, how much will the mounting stress impact these top-tier teams?

Can OB.Neon rise to the occasion without their full roster?

And for Major newcomers, OB.Neon, trouble is already brewing when they discover just days before the tournament that they must play without their star carry player John Anthony “Natsumi-” Vargas due to COVID-related reasons. With Rafael “Rapy” Sicat Palo to the rescue, could this sudden roster change hurt OB.Neon’s chances of making it to TI?

See first hand how these three teams adapt to unexpected events, overcome sudden shortcomings, and accept the new normal, and have a sneak peek behind the curtain at how the Singapore Major was set up and run in one of the most difficult environments for an offline esports tournament ever.

Part one of Heroes of the Game delivered by foodpanda airs on October 2 on the ONE Esports official YoutubeTwitch, and Facebook page.

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