After being sent to the Lower Bracket by Evil Geniuses in their Upper Bracket Final yesterday, ONE Esports sat down with Gambit Esports’ team captain, Artiom “fng” Barshak, to talk about his team’s performance at the ONE Esports Dota 2 Singapore World Pro Invitational.

What happened in your Upper Bracket Final match against Evil Geniuses?

fng: Well, kinda everything went wrong. I can say a lot of things but to be honest, it’s all useless. From the start of the draft, all the way throughout the game, everything went wrong.

What was the decision-making process in letting EG’s Andreas “Cr1t-” Nielsen have Tiny in both games?

fng: Yeah. Well, I can’t really go into detail about that and give up information about our thought process. But, all I’ll say is, we had a plan, and unfortunately, it didn’t work out. It’s because our draft was not the best, and what we did in the game wasn’t the best decision.

Are you guys still looking to try out new strategies during the tournament?

fng: For sure, we’ve already secured a Top 3 finish, but we can’t afford to lose anymore. If we lose, we’re out. We’ll look for the best strategy for our next match and go with that.

Who do you guys expect to take on in the Lower Bracket Final?

fng: We played Alliance, and we like Alliance, but we want to play against Vici Gaming or Team Secret. We really want to go up against Secret because we didn’t play against them at all.

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