We’re past the halfway mark for the SEA DPC lower division league and things are getting spicy on the leaderboard. If you haven’t had the time to catch the lower division matches, here is a quick rundown on how all the teams are doing.

1. Motivate Trust (4-0)

Sitting at the top of the lower division leaderboard, Motivate Trust are easily the favourites to take the crown after their flawless 2-0 victories over 496 Gaming, Cignal Ultra, South Built Esports, and Team SMG.

The remaining teams will be hard-pressed to take even one game off the Thai super squad who looked unstoppable in all their past matches. Is there anyone left who can dethrone the kings?

2. Team SMG (3-1)

A lineup consisting of some of the biggest names in the region, the community had high expectations for Team SMG to perform well this season. Only failing to match up to Motivate Trust thus far, Team SMG look to lock themselves into second place for the lower division league so long as they continue to maintain their form for their remaining matches against South Built Esports, Army Geniuses, and Cignal Ultra.

3. South Built Esports (3-2)

Formerly known as Vice Esports, South Built Esports have grown significantly as a team from their time in the upper division for season one. Since then, they’ve vastly improved their drafts and can pull off a variety of strategies rather than throwing all their networth onto the carry and praying which ended up being the team’s downfall during season one.

It’s unlikely that they’ll overtake Team SMG on the leaderboard with only two series left for the season but that match up alone will be one you don’t want to miss.

4. Army Geniuses (2-2)

Sitting in the middle of the pack with two wins and two losses, things are about to get heated for Army Geniuses who’ve still yet to play top of the bracket teams, Motivate Trust and Team SMG. They’ve shown they’re open to playing crazy strats after pulling out Meepo and Huskar in their past matches but also suffered from failing to execute early game strategies if lanes don’t go their way.

For now we’ll have to wait and see if Army Geniuses has anything left in their back pocket for their upcoming match against Motivate Trust.

5. Galaxy Racer (1-2)

Kicking off the first half of the season with some tough matchups, some might say it’s smooth sailing for Galaxy Racer from here on out. The team has improved since playing their lower division matches in season one but still have a tendency to overextend in critical game deciding engagements. Galaxy Racer should win most of their upcoming matches as long as they can avoid a scenario where things go off the rails. 

5. Team Mystery (1-2)

Tied for fifth with Galaxy Racer, Team Mystery is also in a reasonable position to also make a climb up the leaderboard with their games against South Built Esports and Team SMG behind them.

However, it won’t be easy as the team has shown inconsistent results with the team still trying to find their synergy. With only three weeks left for the league, it’s now or never for Team Mystery to step it up.

7. 496 Gaming (1-3)

Stuck in a rut, 496 Gaming are now in desperation mode. They must win most, if not all, their upcoming matches if they hope to avoid finishing bottom two. Luckily 496 won’t need to play Motivate Trust, Team SMG and South Built Esports anymore and instead will compete against teams occupying the middle of the bracket.

They managed to take a game off South Built Esports in their bo3 series so there is a good chance 496 Gaming will finish higher up the leaderboard so long as they can snap up some wins.

8. Cignal Ultra (0-3)

Sitting in last place, Cignal Ultra will be hard pressed to knock out crucial wins in the coming weeks if they hope to avoid finishing in eighth. The team looks out of form this season with most of their losses happening fairly quickly around the 30 minute mark.

It doesn’t help that Cignal Ultra runs very niche heroes who also have very delicate timing windows. With three weeks left to get back into form, can Cignal Ultra make it in time?

Week 4 Predictions

Team SMG 2 – 0 Cignal Ultra

Team SMG are the clear favorites to take this series 2:0 after looking back at their past matches. Though it’s going to be a tough series for Cignal Ultra, the team could look to sneak in a win if they have a cheese strat prepared.

Galaxy Racer 2 1 Team Mystery

This was a bit of a tough one since both teams are equally skilled under the right conditions. Galaxy Racer come out on top due to the fact that I believe they’re slightly more consistent than Team Mystery on a normal day. The series honestly could go either way however.

Team Mystery 2 – 1 496 Gaming

I’m expecting Team Mystery to take the series but I have a feeling 496 are going to put up a good fight if Team Mystery aren’t playing their A game.

Army Geniuses 0 – 2 Motivate Trust

Don’t be surprised if Motivate Trust go full-on tryhard and maintain their clean sweep thus far with another 2:0 here. The chances of Army Geniuses stealing a game here are extremely slim.

Cignal Ultra 1 – 2 Galaxy Racer

Though the series should go in favor of Galaxy Racer, I don’t think we’ve seen Cignal Ultra’s true potential yet. After playing their toughest matches during the first half of the season, we could be in for a ride since both teams now have recent data on one another’s games.

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