The DPC continued in Europe as Team Liquid defeated Team Nigma 2-1 in Week 2 of the DreamLeague Season 15 upper division.

Team Liquid earned their first series win of the season by utilizing a Warlock position 5 support hero in all three games. Team Liquid’s captain, Aydin “iNSaNiA” Sarkohi, showcased how you can maximize Warlocks abilities during critical team fights.

As the easiest hero to kill on Team Liquid, iNSaNiA stayed behind his team and waited for his core heroes to make the initiation plays. When Team Nigma’s heroes were caught close to one another, iNSaNiA used his Fatal Bonds and Chaotic Offering ultimate to finish Game 1.

In the close-out game against Team Nigma, iNSaNiA changed his item build for Warlock. During the first two games, he rushed to build a Veil of Discord that increases spell damage by 18%. This item increased his Fatal Bonds’ shared damage, which caused significant hero damage during team fights.

Credit: DreamLeague (iNSaNiA does 1,995 damage)

However, in Game 3, iNSaNiA focused on completing full support items like Arcane Boots and a Glimmer Cape. He also slowed down Team Nigma by casting his Upheaval during choke points or whenever a fight would break out.

While Team Liquid’s core heroes performed exceptionally well, iNSaNiA’s support efforts shouldn’t be overlooked. He read Team Nigma’s ability usage perfectly by timing his Chaotic Offering ultimate to counter Centaur Warrunner’s Stampede.

Warlock’s Fatal Bonds ability also showed where Team Nigma’s heroes were retreating, which allowed Max “qojqva” Bröcker and Samuel “Boxi” Svahn to chase these enemy heroes down. 

Player report card: iNSaNiA

  • Heroes played: Warlock
  • Average KDA: 2.67/6.67/20.67
  • Average Networth: 8.6k
  • Average GPM/XPM: 311/362
  • Average Heals: 18.8k

Team Liquid’s win moved them up to second place in the current DPC EU season 2 standings with a 1-1 record. Team Liquid is set to face Brame next at the start of Week 3 of the DPC EU season 2 upper division.

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