After a historic TI9, which saw OG cement themselves as the best Dota 2 team to ever play the game, we now have to wait until November for more high-level Dota 2 action, when the 2020 DPC kicks off.

In the meantime, let’s remember all the great plays, comebacks, wombo-combos, and jukes from this year’s TI9.

PSG.LGD’s Chalice lands a 5-man Ravage

PSG.LGD’s Yang “Chalice” Shenyi caught the entire Virtus Pro squad hiding behind their tower, so he decided to jump in with his Tidehunter and cast Ravage, catching all five enemy heroes.

TNC’s Kuku gets a timely 3-man Burrowstrike and Epicenter combo

Vici Gaming tried to take down the Radiant Melee Barracks, but TNC forced them to retreat. That’s when Carlo “Kuku” Palad landed an amazing blink Burrowstrike and Epicenter combo.

Alliance’s Boxi saves his carry with a pixel-perfect Chronosphere

Most teams run the Faceless Void as a position one during TI9, but Samuel “Boxi” Svahn showed that the hero can be used to control enemy heroes during team fights as well.

With his Gyrocopter carry close to dying, he cast a pixel-perfect Chronosphere that locked down the enemy Ember Spirit and zoned out the two other RNG heroes.

Mineski’s Dire Throne defense that kept them in TI9

Mineski was on the verge of being eliminated from TI9 by Na’Vi. But as soon as their heroes respawned, they were able to eliminate Na’Vi’s core heroes, who were a little too greedy in their attempt to end the game.

OG’s ridiculous Io strat

One of the biggest stories of TI9 was OG’s unbeatable Io carry strat. Anathan “ana” Pham’s Io and Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen’s Bristleback forced Newbee back into their Fountain, but, as it turns out, this only helped OG eliminate their heroes faster. With Ana healing Topson, Bristleback’s Quill Spray just continued to stack.

Team Secret’s amazing comeback against Evil Geniuses

EG was on the verge of sending Secret to the Lower Bracket during game two of their series. But, Secret landed an amazing 3-man Black Hole followed by an Echo Slam, Freezing Field, and Cataclysm wombo-combo.

Infamous’ ability to create space

During Infamous’ Lower Bracket match with Newbee, Jean “Chris Luck” Gonzales and Elvis “Scofield” Peña showed how good they are at juking their opponents and staying alive.

Secret and Mineski’s unbelievable back-and-forth series

Mineski had a 22,000 gold lead when they entered Secret’s base at the 33-minute mark of game one. The game looked like it was over. But, after Ludwig “Zai” Whalberg landed a 4-man Ravage, Secret was able to focus fire down Mineski’s Alchemist. Right after defending their base, they charged into the Radiant base and finished the game.

The following game between the two teams was just as intense. This time, it was Mineski who pulled off a miraculous hold against Secret with just three heroes.

OG’s Ana catches three EG heroes in his Chronoshpere

During the highly anticipated rematch between OG and EG, Ana’s Faceless Void was able to trap three of EG’s heroes inside his ultimate. Then, Jesse “Jerax” Vainikka’s Earthshaker stun-locked Artour “Arteezy” Babaev’s Terrorblade and prevented him from using his Sunder ultimate.

Team Liquid’s use of Tiny’s Tree Volley ability

Liquid showcased just how dangerous a late-game Tiny with an Aghanim’s Scepter can be. During their match against Royal Never Give Up, Aliwi “w33” Omar stayed by the tree line and continued to pummel enemy heroes with trees.

Liquid’s Mind Control lands a 3-man Vacuum against EG

Team Liquid chased down Arteezy’s Lifestealer who was isolated from his team. In response, EG rotated all of their heroes to the middle land and looked to counter Liquid. But instead, EG was caught by Ivan “Mind Control” Ivanov’s Dark Seer Vacuum and Elder Titan Earth Splitter combo.

OG’s Ana survives on 50HP

OG’s chaotic style of Dota 2 was on full display against PSG.LGD. With a commanding 11,000 gold lead in favor of OG, ana charged into the Radiant base where he was a few steps away from the enemy Fountain. PSG.LGD threw everything they had at ana, but the Alchemist managed to survive. While chasing for ana, PSG.LGD’s Chalice was taken down in response.

PSG.LGD’s Fy showcases his amazing Rubick

During PSG.LGD’s game one match against Team Liquid, Xu “Fy” Linsen’s godly Rubick stole multiple spells from the enemy team. Right when Amer “Miracle-” Al-Barkawi cast his Chronosphere, Fy controlled him with a Telekinesis. Fy then locked down and eliminated w33’s Tinker with his own Chronosphere.

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