The International 10 (TI10) will feature an epic clash between the best and brightest minds who are looking to win the most prestigious title in Dota 2, the Aegis of the Immortal.

These legendary hard support players are best known for their incredible decision-making abilities, and their skills will truly be tested at TI10.

Here is ONE Esports’ list of the most noteworthy offlaners to keep your eyes on at TI10.

The 5 best hard supports to watch out for at TI10

y’ (PSG.LGD)

PSG.LGD’s y’ at the ONE Esports Singapore Major
Credit: ONE Esports

Make no mistake, Zhang “y'” Yiping is one of the best hard support players going into TI10.

As the captain of PSG.LGD, y’ is a key factor in the team’s incredible 2021 DPC season. The powerhouse Chinese squad finished third at the ONE Esports Singapore Major, followed by a remarkable first-place finish at the WePlay AniMajor where they swept North American squad Evil Geniuses.

Y’ found prodigious success early in his Dota 2 pro career. At the age of 18, y’ lifted the Aegis of the Immortal when his team, Wings Gaming, won TI6 by defeating Digital Chaos in the grand final, 3-1. This goes to show that he knows what it takes to win at The International.

He is also one of the premier hard support players in Dota 2 today. Y’ leads the pack in professional matches played using Oracle. Of the 119 times he has used the hero, y’ earned 77 wins, holding a 64.7% win rate.

Puppey (Team Secret)

Team Secret's Puppey at the ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational
Team Secret’s Puppey at the ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational
Credit: ONE Esports

Clement “Puppey” Ivanov is the only player in Dota 2 history to attend all TI events. Going into The International 10, he’s hoping to win his second Aegis of the Immortal.

Puppey is the most experienced hard support player and team captain going into TI10. He was a member of the Natus Vincere squad that won the first-ever The International tournament in 2011. In the next two years, Puppey led Na`Vi to two runner-up finishes in the following TI events.

As one of the most respected captains in the Dota 2 pro scene, Puppey is known for his exceptional drafting ability. With 14 years of experience as a professional player, Puppey understands his opponents better than anyone else. If he is unable to veto those heroes, he picks them even if his team isn’t familiar with them.

N0tail (OG)

OG wins TI9
OG’s N0tail lifting the Aegis of the Immortal at The International 2019
Credit: Valve

Johan “N0tail” Sundstein stands alone as the most accomplished Dota 2 player with two TI championships and four DPC Major wins. Even with such immense success, N0tail still hasn’t lost his drive to compete, and is now on the hunt for his third Aegis of the Immortal.

N0tail is an iconic hard support player and team captain who knows how to galvanize his team. The team is known for spamming chat wheel emotes and sprays throughout the match, which keeps them energized and motivated.

Credit: Liquipedia
Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

With n0tail at OG’s helm, the team is currently on a 21-series undefeated streak after scoring 17 wins and four draws that span all the way back to their group stage loss to Evil Geniuses at The International 2018.

Fly (Evil Geniuses)

Fly, Evil Geniuses, ONE Esports Singapore Major
Evil Geniuses’ Fly at the ONE Esports Singapore Major
Credit: ONE Esports

Managing Evil Geniuses’ all-star Dota 2 roster as a hard support and team captain is no easy task. With such talented and experienced players on his squad, Tal “Fly” Aizik knows which buttons to push to get the most out of his players.

Under Fly’s leadership, Evil Geniuses had an incredible 2021 DPC season with two runner-up finishes at the ONE Esports Singapore Major and the WePlay AniMajor. Paired with their dominant performance in North America’s regional league, Evil Geniuses took first place in the DPC 2021 Point rankings.

Fly has come close to lifting the Aegis of the Immortal in the last two The International tournaments. He led the team to a third-place finish at TI8, followed by a 5th-6th exit at TI9. Going into TI10, Fly is looking to win Evil Geniuses its second TI championship.

Dy (Vici Gaming)

Vici Gaming's Dy at the ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational
Vici Gaming’s Dy at the ONE Esports Dota 2 World Pro Invitational
Credit: ONE Esports

Since he joined Vici Gaming in 2018, hard support player Ding “Dy” Cong has turned the Chinese squad into a true TI contender. Dy has been leading the team even before their legendary coach Bai “rOtK” Fan joined Elephant at the start of the 2021 DPC season.

Dy has delivered great hard support performances that led VG to a 4th place finish at the WePlay AniMajor. He is capable of turning team fights around by landing critical ultimates that help Vici Gaming win pivotal team fights.

The Chinese region is arguably the most competitive one in the 2021 DPC season. This is why China has the most number of representatives at TI10. Of these players, Dy had the highest average assists per game at 15.63 in the second season of the 2021 DPC China Upper Division.

Hard support players y, Puppey, N0tail, Fly, and Dy will be competing at The International 10’s group stage from October 7 to 10. TI10 will take place in Bucharest, Romania, and will be broadcasted live on Dota 2 International official Twitch channel

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