Grinding MMR in Dota 2 can feel like a full-time job—but it doesn’t have to be.

With the new Dota 2 patch 7.31 comes new heroes to dominate the meta. Here are three of the best offlane picks for you to crush your lane, and the will of your enemies as you take their MMR away.

3 best offlane heroes to gain MMR with in Dota 2 patch 7.31

Primal Beast

Dota 2 7.31 patch
Credit: Valve

7.31’s newest hero began life as an unfamiliar invader to Dota 2, posting a sub-40 percent win rate. But the Primal Beast has since become an apex predator, terrorizing the offlane in practically every pub.

The hero is even flexible enough to take on either support role or head to midlane, though he can suffer in the late game due to his reliance on spells to deal damage. But it’s more than likely that you’ll destroy the early stages, and end the game right as you hit the peak of your power

Pros have taken to a largely standard build on the hero, going for Phase Boots and rushing Black King Bar to ensure that the hero never gets interrupted during his damage combos.

Trample simply deals too much damage, and Uproar can make the hero nigh impervious to physical damage. It’s why BKB is so important—it serves as both an offensive and defensive tool, allowing you to get in and out of sticky situations.

Onslaught can be a tricky tool to use, but can become a great AOE initiation or escape, depending on how you want to use it. Pulverise locks down a single target and ignores status resistance, great against heroes like Ursa and Spirit Breaker, or those that love to buy Sange.

Primal Beast has low cooldowns across his skillset, ensuring that he’s always ready to fight. He’s limited by mana—so be sure to ferry out lots of Clarity Potions.

Death Prophet

Dota 2 Death Prophet loading screen
Credit: Valve

Summon forth Krobelus, and take towers, take lives, and take your enemies’ MMR.

Death Prophet has become a premier offlaner, dominating even the competitive scene with her versatility, survivability, and incredible pushing power.

Exorcism ensures that the hero never feels irrelevant. Her powerful ultimate is perfect in myriad situations—effective against objectives like Roshan and towers, and forces enemies to run away from you or get pestered to death by your ghosts.

Spirit Siphon makes almost every trade go your way, often ensuring that you can survive till the end of every teamfight. With an Aghanim’s Shard upgrade, it gains extra utility by applying fear to enemies after three seconds, improving your teamfight capabilities even more.

While she’s one of the most powerful offlaners in the game, she’s also capable of taking positions two to five, making her a great opener in ranked drafts. If she’s playing into counters, it’s possible to swap her down to a lower priority role, but you’ll need the blessings of your teammates to do so.


Dota 2 Wrath of Ka Necrophos loading screen
Credit: Valve

Necrophos’ stock as an offlaner has rapidly risen over the past months. What he lacks in outright initiation, he makes up for with his bulky presence, and the power to keep teammates and himself constantly topped off with low cooldown heals.

He presents a problem in the lane. Just by existing with Heartstopper Aura, he forces enemies to invest in regen or risk being at low health all the time. Since it also gives Rotund’jere regeneration every time he kills a unit, he can spam Death Pulse with impunity.

The Pope of Pestilence is a healing beast with one of the strongest Shards in the game: Death Seeker. For just 1400 gold, you gain access to a dual-pronged skill that can be used both offensively and defensively, turning your target ethereal. It even then releases a Death Pulse!

There’s incredible offensive synergy here. Death Seeker increases subsequent magical damage—yes, that’s your Reaper’s Scythe and Death Pulse follow-up—by 25 percent, which gives Necrophos a huge burst nuke by himself. It also allows you to clear creep waves instantly, putting you in less compromising situations.

Defensively, you can basically instantly heal allies for 270 health or 334 if you have the talent, more than Mekansm’s 275. With Ghost Shroud almost doubling his healing, he can easily gain over a thousand health with this combo and a fully-charged Wand, frustrating enemies trying to kill him.

Reaper’s Scythe is the perfect follow-up skill to end a kill, dealing more damage based on how much life the target has lost. It now gives Necrophos extra regen should heroes die under Reaper’s Scythe, a benefit that stacks infinitely.

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