The arrival of the Primal Beast in Dota 2 7.31’s patch has not been a roaring success, and it’s already receiving buffs due to how underpowered he is.

While most heroes on release border on broken, the Beast has not been faring well. The strength initiator sports a sub-40 percent win rate across all skill levels at the time of writing, according to Dotabuff. Even the pros are struggling to make the hero work, just barely cracking the 40 percent mark according to Dota 2 Pro Tracker.

Developer Valve released a hotfix today, giving the hero some added polish to hopefully boost his strength in the meta.

Primal Beast gets buffed in Dota 2 7.31 hotfix, Trample is biggest winner

Dota 2 7.31 patch
Credit: Valve

Every one of Primal Beast’s skills got a little increase in numbers, but Trample was the skill that received the most changes.

On release, Trample had pretty terrible scaling stats, only increasing by 10 base damage every level, while sporting a 40 percent attack damage multiplier. As the Beast’s primary sustained source of damage, there really was no reason to add it past the first point.

Now, Trample adds 15 damage per level, culminating in 65 instead of 50 damage at level four. Its cooldown is decreased to 21 seconds at max level, while its mana cost was changed to scale down instead of up, meaning that it now costs 75 mana at max level instead of a whopping 105. The hero’s level 20 talent, which boosts Trample’s damage multiplier, was also boosted.

This should make the hero a more consistent damage dealer. With Trample significantly boosted across the board, a build focusing on maxing the skill to farm faster can become viable. Of course, Trample will also make Primal Beast more of a menace in drawn-out fights which allows him to get off multiple casts of his low cooldown skills.

Primal Beast also received an improved turn rate, slightly faster Onslaught run speed, a more forgiving Uproar stack duration, and a fix to make Pulverize work with cast range items.

You can read the full, but brief, patch notes here.

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