One of the most iconic moments in Netflix’s Avatar live action series is when Aang (Gordon Cormier) meets Bumi, the eccentric king of Earth Kingdom city, Omashu.

Bumi isn’t just any small character in the series; he holds a profound connection to the Avatar.

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He was one of the few people who knew Aang before the start of the Great War.

Animation: Avatar - Aang with Momo
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Here’s everything you need to know about the king of Omashu in the first season of the Avatar live action series.

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t watched Netflix’s Avatar live action season 1.

A closer look at King Bumi in Netflix’s Avatar live action

Utkarsh Ambudkar is King Bumi in the Avatar lve action Netflix series.
Credit: Utkarsh Ambudkar, Nickelodeon

Bumi is played by American actor Utkarsh Ambudkar, who starred in television series Never Have I Ever (2021) and The Dropout (2022).

He also starred in movies Pitch Perfect (2012) and Merry Me (2022).

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He first appeared in episode three, “Omashu,” and then played a more substantial role in Episode 4 “Into the Dark.” In this episode, Avatar’s short encounter with Zuko leads to his imprisonment by Earth Kingdom forces, setting the stage for his encounter with Bumi.

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When Aang reunites with Bumi, his childhood friend, it’s not the warm reception he hoped for.

He confronts Aang about the world’s suffering during his absence, leading to a series of escalating trials orchestrated by the king himself.

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In the final trial, he faced the king in what he called a “fight to death”.

Aang ends up in a life-threatening situation where he has to choose between saving himself or the king, but Katara (Kiawentiio Tarbell) and Sokka (Ian Ousley) intervene, saving both in the process.

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Through this trial, Aang highlights the power of friendship and cooperation in countering the Fire Nation’s ambitions.

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His sincere plea convinces Bumi that he is ready to be the Avatar. With this restored trust, Bumi releases Aang and pledges Omashu’s support in the ongoing war.

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In the season finale, following the failed Fire Nation invasion of the Northern Water Tribe, the stakes escalate as Fire Lord Ozai’s (Daniel Dae Kim) diversion unfolds.

It’s revealed that Azula’s (Elizabeth Yu) forces have captured and bound King Bumi, giving fans a sneak peek of what to expect next season.

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