The Earth Kingdom simply rocks, and among its most remarkable destinations is Omashu.

Featured in The Last Airbender series, this city is one of the initial stops on Avatar Aang and his companions’ journey.

Animation: Avatar - Aang with Momo
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How did Netflix recreate this iconic setting in their live action adaptation? Let’s take a closer look at this jagged city.

What is Omashu in the Avatar live action?

Omashu in the Avatar animation
Credit: Nickelodeon Animation Studios

Omashu, the second largest city in the Earth Kingdom, is hailed by Aang as “one of the wonders of the world.”

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Carved from a living mountain, it boasts a distinctive delivery system, utilizing earthbending and gravity to transport packages through a network of chutes and slides woven throughout the city.

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Home to a diverse community including artists, scientists, and builders, Omashu is a hub of innovation and creativity.

Omashu is nestled within the Kolau Mountain Range, enclosed by towering cliffs and a vast gorge. Its formidable gates, constructed from massive stones, require the expertise of skilled Earthbenders to operate due to their immense size and thickness.

Within the city, visitors encounter the grandeur of the royal palace, home to King Bumi. Additionally, Omashu’s bustling streets are lined with an array of merchants offering a diverse assortment of goods, including food, pottery, restaurants, and of course, the infamous cabbages.

Notably, it serves as the title of the third episode in Netflix’s live action adaptation.

Warning: Major spoilers if you haven’t watched Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender series.

Omashu in Avatar live action
Credit: Netflix

In this episode, Aang, Katara, and Sokka encounter the heavily guarded city gates of Omashu, manned by vigilant Earthbenders.

Desperate for assistance, they enlist the aid of a local named Jet, adopting disguises to gain entry.

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Inside the city, they encounter Teo, a spirited young inventor who defies physical limitations by crafting and flying on his glider despite using a wheelchair.

Aang and his companions form a bond with Teo, who led them to meet his father, known as The Mechanist.

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