Team Liquid has announced that they have signed British actor Asa Butterfield, who stars in the hit Netflix original series Sex Education, as well as a number of Hollywood blockbusters, including The Boy in the Striped Pajamas in 2008 and Ender’s Game in 2013.

Liquid has not yet disclosed the nature of their partnership with Butterfield, though the team’s announcement joked that he may be called up as a substitute for their Dota 2 or Super Smash Bros. teams.

With that said, it is expected that the actor will be joining Liquid to help promote the team as a brand ambassador, streamer, or content creator.

“Kind of unreal, I remember finding all the Starcraft II streams on Liquipedia back in the day, they were the first esports team even I knew of. Thanks for bringing me in, gang,” Butterfield said in a post on his personal Twitter account.

Butterfield is an avid esports fan, particularly of Dota 2 and Super Smash Bros. He notably competed in a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament last year as a member of Panda Global under the tag PG|Stimpy.

With the continued growth and expansion into mainstream consciousness of the esports industry, a growing number of celebrities, musicians, and athletes have either invested into or even outright joined the scene.

Most recently, American rapper and singer Post Malone became a part-owner of Envy Gaming while the son of NBA superstar LeBron James joined FaZe Clan.

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