Twitch has taken action against content creators via its Terms of Service, as a new green-screen trend emerged on the site.

As part of the Twitch TOS changes, which will be effective March 29, 2024, Twitch will strictly prohibit content that focuses on intimate body parts for an extended duration. 

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New Twitch TOS changes aim to prevent new meta

Twitch TOS changes revealed via X/Twitter
Credit: Twitch Support, ONE Esports

This move comes in response to a recent meta-shift where streamers use green screen filters while wearing green clothing that covers intimate body parts, particularly during gameplay or just chatting sessions.

Twitch Support announced the upcoming Twitch TOS changes via X/Twitter, stating that content featuring intimate body parts such as buttocks, groin, or breasts will no longer be allowed. Violations of these guidelines may lead to the removal of content or temporary/permanent account bans for repeat offenders.

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Twitch had recently implemented tighter regulations to maintain community standards, strictly reinforcing guidelines on adult content. This has resulted in Twitch revoking several policy changes they’d made in the past.

If you want to read all of the new Twitch TOS updates along with the guidelines on sexual content, you can find that in this article.

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