The Twitch Partner Plus program has been unveiled as the new way that creators can begin to get a 70/30 split on the money they earn via the platform.

This is a big move for the platform that has been catching heat for deciding to remove the split from contracts moving forward. There is some fine print to this new program, however.

The Twitch Partner Plus program brings 70/30 back, but there are limitations

Twitch Partner Plus program tweet reveal
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

The new Twitch Partner Plus program will be limited to Partners only, but that’s not all. According to the official blog post, these streamers will be required to have maintained 350 paid subscribers across a three-month period in order to gain access to the program.

It’s important to note that paid subscribers do not include gifted subscriptions or prime subscriptions. This means tier one, two, or three subs only will count towards the 350 number.

In addition, there will be a US$100,000 limit to the 70/30 split. Meaning once you have earned that amount in a 12-month period, you will return to the rate of 50/50 for the remainder of that year.

In terms of prime subs, they do not count toward that monetary threshold. Only paid or gifted subs will go toward the US$100,000. You can find this information in the image below or on the Twitch Partner Plus FAQ page.

Twitch Partner Plus subscription type breakdown image
Screenshot by Steven Cropley/ONE Esports

This system will allow many creators in that middle to earn more money to a point before returning to the same rate. For those who don’t meet the 350 paid subs requirement, Twitch will continue as usual.

On the flip side, those who already have 10’s of thousands of subs or more per month will essentially get to the US$100,000 faster and not really make much more from the rest of the subs for the time period despite the new Twitch Partner Plus system.

This is certainly a step in the right direction for the purple giant, but many will still be left outside wondering how to get a 70/30 split or better, on Twitch or somewhere else.

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