The world’s greatest Counter-Strike player is set to make his Counter-Strike 2 debut, and it isn’t with Natus Vincere.

Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev has been loaned to the Saudi Arabian esports organization Team Falcons for the BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2024 tournament.

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NAVI has agreed to loan their Ukrainian CS superstar as a stand-in player for Falcons for one month. S1mple will be replacing Mohammad “BOROS” Malhas in Falcon’s active roster.

The BLAST Premier Spring Showdown features some of the world’s best CS2 teams and is set to take place from March 6 to 10.

S1mple joins Team Falcons for BLAST Premier Spring Showdown 2024

Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev joins Team Falcons on loan from NAVI for the Blast Premier Spring Showdown 2024
Credit: Falcons

We last saw s1mple compete in October last year when NAVI participated in the ESL Pro League Season 18 Counter-Strike Global Offensive tournament. The Ukrainian squad finished 2nd, losing to MOUZ in a 3-0 sweep in the grand final.

S1mple reveals CS2 educational project: All Stars Promotion

On October 27, the CS superstar announced that he was taking a break from competition. S1mple said he needed to take care of people in his life and also mentioned that he needed to fix his documents because he was contemplating switching to another esports organization.

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“I never thought about it, but it would be interesting to see offers,” he said. “Maybe switch to the rifle since the AWP is less impactful in the new game.”

The new game he refers to is Counter-Strike 2, which is the successor to CS:GO. All Counter-Strike esports organizers are making a switch to CS2, a game that is still in the development stage.

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“I can tell you that if you want to become a CS2 pro, you still have three months,” he said on October 6, 2023. “Wait for updates.”

After being inactive for five months, the world’s greatest CS pro will finally make his CS2 debut.

Team Falcon CS2 Roster

  • Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyljev
  • Marco “Snappi” Pfeiffer (IGL)
  • Emil “Magisk” Reif
  • Pavle “maden” Boskovic
  • Alvaro “SunPayus” Garcia
  • Danny “zonic” Sorensen (coach)

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