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There’s plenty of Lux, Lulu, and Seraphine cosplays out there for the League of Legends community to enjoy. They’re pretty, they’re cute, and they are all Star Guardians with lots of mass appeal.

Kalista however, is one of the least cosplay-friendly champions. For one, she’s not even human, and for two, spear props are absolutely essential because they’re a permanent feature in her spectral body.

Riot Games’ first full length novel, Ruination, tells her story, her complicated relationship with Viego, as well as how they all became, well, ruined.

This rare and stunning Kalista cosplay by u/luciffe666 brings much needed justice to this League of Legends marksman champion.

League of Legends fan shows off possibly the best Kalista cosplay of all time on reddit

League of Legends cosplay of Kalista by luciffe666 on Reddit
Credit: u/luciffe666 on Reddit

Reddit user luciffe666 wanted to give this underrated marksman champion more attention through cosplay, which she spent two years working on. In her post, she also mentioned that Kalista is her favorite champion in Runeterra, and is “very attached to her”.

From the Shadow Isles in Runeterra, Kalista is a wraith with turquoise blue skin, and therefore not an easy one to bring to life.

Unlike other female champions (basically everyone with a Star Guardian skin) who have long flowing hair, pretty outfits, and beautiful sculpted weapons, Kalista is the complete opposite.

Garnering tons of praises from the community, many are calling luciffe666’s rendition the best Kalista cosplay ever seen.

She revealed in the thread that her armor is made of foam, and that the spears are attached to her body are removable, for they’re attached by a strong magnet.

She even painted her entire body turquoise, and purchased a unique blind white contact lens to complete the ghostly look.

Close up of League of Legends cosplay of Kalista by luciffe666 on Reddit
Credit: u/luciffe666 on Reddit

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