Some challenges task you to take out Special Zombies in Modern Warfare 3 under certain conditions.

For example, unlocking the Serpentinite weapon camo involves 10 Special or Elite Zombie kills.

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In this ONE Esports guide, we explain what Special Zombies are, and share with you the best ways to eliminate them.

What are Special Zombies in MW3 and how to effectively take them down

There are the three current Special Zombies in the game:

  • Mangler
  • Mimic
  • Disciple


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The Mangler is a formidable adversary, akin to a heavily fortified tank. It boasts a versatile arsenal, capable of engaging in both close-quarters and long-range combat.

Not only can it withstand significant damage with its robust armor, it also excels in melee combat with its sharp blades. Additionally, it can launch homing energy projectiles at its foes.

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However, this impressive defensive and offensive capability comes with a trade-off in mobility. The Mangler moves at a slower pace, and its resilience is compromised once its armor plating is dismantled by continuous fire, revealing its vulnerable points.

Given these characteristics, it’s advisable to remain agile and maintain distance to avoid its melee attacks while minimizing damage from its energy blasts.

Credit: Activision/ONE Esports
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Focusing your fire on a specific part of the Mangler, particularly aiming for the head, expedites its defeat.

Persistent, targeted shooting can strip away its armor, allowing for a few accurately placed shots to hit the exposed weak spots and effectively neutralize the threat.


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The Mimic, true to its name, excels in deception and surprise attacks, often camouflaging itself as inanimate objects within the environment only to reveal its lethal form when players unwittingly venture too close.

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Similar to the Mangler, the Mimic is equipped with both close and long-range capabilities, with its long-range attack designed to draw players in for devastating damage. Additionally, its remarkable speed makes it a difficult enemy to escape from.

To effectively combat this adversary, leveraging the environment is key. Positioning barriers and corners between yourself and this particular Special Zombie can mitigate its ranged attacks and impede its ability to quickly close in on you.

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Consistent firepower is crucial in gradually diminishing its health. Although it possesses a vulnerability in its mouth, targeting any part of its body has proven effective in neutralizing it without exposing yourself to damage.


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The Disciple, akin to a necromancer within the context of MW3, excels in long-range engagements with a sinister ability to siphon life through a tether that inflicts continuous damage on players.

Their capability to summon additional Zombies into the fray adds a layer of complexity to the battle, increasing the likelihood of depleting your ammunition and overwhelming players with sheer numbers and persistent damage.

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An effective strategy involves utilizing explosive devices such as grenades and C4 to swiftly eliminate Zombie clusters, and maintaining distance to remain beyond the reach of the life-draining tether.

Weapons that excel in long-range engagements, such as sniper rifles, marksman rifles, and battle rifles, prove particularly advantageous in confrontations with the Disciple.

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With an understanding of the various Special Zombies in MW3, always remember to be well-prepared with ammunition and armor plates, regardless of the type you’re facing.

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