The Boys and Call of Duty have another collaboration lined up, with both A-Train and Firecracker getting their own skins in the popular first-person shooter.

Get ready for The Boys Warzone or Modern Warfare 3 operators, and if you want to get them, let us tell you how.

How to get The Boys Warzone and MW3 A-Train operator and Firecracker operator

A-Train operator for The Boys Warzone and MW3
Credit: Activision

Call of Duty revealed the new collaboration as part of the Season 1 blog post. Both operators are set to come as part of the mid-season update, traditionally referred to as the Reloaded update.

Homelander, Starlight, and Black Noir are supes that have already made their way into the game during Modern Warfare 2’s reign, but they’re getting some supe buddies to share the limelight with.

“Deploy as the fastest man in the world with the “A-Train” Operator Skin from The Boys,” the post reads in regards to the member of The Seven joining the fray.

Below you can find all the items found within the A-Train operator bundle:

  • “Turbocharged” assault rifle blueprint
  • “Fast AF” SMG blueprint
  • “Here Comes the A-Train” animated calling card
  • “A-Train” weapon sticker
  • “Turbo Rush Energy Drink” weapon charm
  • “World’s Fastest Man” animated emblem
  • “The Boys A-Train” loading screen
  • “Fastest Man in the World” finishing move

Firecracker operator for The Boys Warzone and MW3
Credit: Activision

“Join the battle as the new Supe in town with the “Firecracker” Operator Skin,” Activision said in the post.

Below you can find all the items found within the Firecracker operator bundle:

  •  “Firecracker” Operator Skin.
  • “Smoking Gun” Assault Rifle”
  • “Fellow Patriot” LMG
  • “Truthbomb” Animated Calling Card
  • “Firecracker” Weapon Sticker
  • “Second Protects” Weapon Charm
  • “Eagle Eyed” Animated Emblem
  • “Freedom of Speech” Finishing Move

Traditionally these operator bundles have sold for 2,400 COD Points, and it’s likely both of these Supes will be no different. To grab the bundle, you’ll simply need to navigate to the COD store in-game and purchase their individual packs.

From there, you should gain access to everything included in the operator bundle(s) you choose to purchase and be able to descend in Modern Warfare 3 or Warzone in style.

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