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Uncover an arsenal of content with the all-new BlackCell Battle Pass, available with the launch of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 on December 6.

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The premium pass provides an expedited progression through the Season 1 Battle Pass, offering tier skips and exclusive rewards.

Everything you need to know about the Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 BlackCell Battle Pass

Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 BlackCell Battle Pass rewards
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Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 adds fresh content, including new modes, maps, events weapons, operator skins, and an overhauled battle pass.

Funko Call of Duty All Ghillied Up Pop Games Figure
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Specifically for the BlackCell Battle Pass, purchasers can expect the following perks:

  • Instant access to the exclusive BlackCell sector
  • 1,100 COD points instantly
  • Full access to Season 1 Battle Pass and 20 tier skips (25 on PlayStation)
  • Up to 1,400 COD Points within 100 tiers of unlockable content
  • New Operator named Abolisher
  • “Man O’ War” Haymaker shotgun weapon blueprint featuring Blood Rose tracers and Blood Rose Petal Dismemberment death effect
  • “War Horse” skin for the new off-road vehicle, Coyote
  • “Flexed Upon” Operator finishing move
  • 10 alternate animated BlackCell Operator skins
  • Six alternate weapon blueprints with tracers
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Owners of Modern Warfare III Vault Edition can activate their free BlackCell Battle Pass, granting access to the complete content and 50 tier skips.

Alternatively, players can acquire the new BlackCell Battle Pass for US$30.

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Even for those who opt not to buy premium pass, there’s still ample content to obtain with the new season.

Read this Call of Duty blog post to know more about the Season 1 Battle Pass.

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